Chapter 41

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We go back and sit on the couch and Brandon pulls me close to him. We decided to watch a movie while we were there.
"Any suggestions?" Luke B asks.
"Fast and Furious?"
"Did you just say Fast and Furious?" Luke B asks me.
"Yeah.... Why?"
"Didn't expect you to be into cars. Expecially stuff like that."
"What is it with you people and being shocked when I do something? You were shocked when I said fast and furious and Mikey, Calum, luke, and, Ashton were shocked when I came out in a Harley Davidson sweatshirt and told them that I wanna get my motorcycle license."
"Wow, what do you drive?" Tyler said.
"A white Ford F-150 with off road tires and cab." Everyone's mouth dropped exept Catie's, Ethan's and, Hunter's.
"Dam Girl!"
Do you do anything girly?"
"Other than wear makeup no."
"Have you ever been to a wedding?"
"Yes and I wore ripped skinny jeans and a Ac\Dc shirt. oh and I love to camp."
"Dam to you too Brian." I just realized that I'm definitely not a girly girl.
"Any more questions?"
"Yeah, how come you ain't my sister? Your more like me." Luke B asks.
"I don't know but that would be fucking awesome! Im definitely your country girl that stands out everywhere. And I'm a lot like Ashton though. I blare my music at 11, 12 o clock at night, I'm really loud and half the time I don't make sense either."
"Hey I make sense almost all the time! And don't swear, its not nice ya know." Ashton says defensively.
"Okay whatever you wanna think there Ashton. And I told you the first day I meet you that I swear a lot." I look over to Catie and see that she is trying to contain her laughter but Brandon and Ethan just let it out which causes me and Catie to laugh as well.
"How were we so lucky to get a life like this?" I ask Catie as she looks to me.
"I honestly don't know but I love it." That makes two of us.

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