Chapter 87

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Me and Luke are in the truck and I'm so lost at where were goin.
"Will you please tell me where were goin now?" I ask Luke but he only replies with,
"Nope but were almost there." I sigh and just look out the window. Next thing I know, were into the town of Beacon Hills.
"What the hell are we doing in Beacon Hills?"
"This is where I was gonna take you. You said that you loved teen wolf so why not meet everyone and be in the town the show Is." I felt my phone buzz indicating that I had a text. Turns out I had three missed calls and 4 new text messages. All the calls were from Ashton, 2 texts were from Ashton, 1 was from Brian and the other was from Tyler. I replied back to Brian's first ignoring Ashton.
From Brian:
Hey.. you Okay? From what happened look liked you were pretty shaken up. Just know that me and Tyler are here for ya if you need anything.
To Brian:
Hey and Yeah Im fine. I was at first but I'm over it now. Thanks it really means a lot.
From Brian:
No problem your like a little sister to the both of us.
To Brian:
Thanks and your both are like big brothers to me.
I finished texting him then replied back to Tyler's text
From Tyler:
Hey you Okay? Ran outta here pretty fast. Kinda wish I was with you nothin but yellin and fightin expecially between you sister and Ashton.
To Tyler:
I'm fine and that sucks, hell if you and Brian want, Luke took me to beacon hills so if y'all want why don't ya meet us here.
From Tyler:
Sweet!!!! I'm gettin Brian and gettin the hell outta here! See y'all in s bit!
To Tyler:
Lol see y'all in a bit.
After I get down texting the boys I turn to Luke and tell him. All though I turn around to a complete shock.
"Oh my God!"

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