Chapter 24

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"Well, you don't really know the whole story.. Only Luke does because I just told him." I say to the boys and there faces go from confused to worried In a matter of seconds.
"What's the whole story?" Calum asks me.
"Okay," I finish telling them the whole story and I find myself walking around the bus to keep myself from crying.
"Oh my god." Ashton says after I finish.
"Why didn't you tell us earlier?" Mikey says.
"Because I thought you would either be mad or that you wouldn't want anything to do with us." I continue to walk around bit I run into someone. Then again I was looking down so it would make sense. I look up to see who it is and it's Ashton.
"Please, don't think that. Me and the other eight boys love you and your sister okay?"
"We need something to lighten up the mood." Where is Michael taking this?
"Where is this going?" Out of nowhere, music starts blaring and Michael has a devilish grin on his face.
"Oh my god I love this song!" He put "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" by Luke Bryan on.
"I didn't know you liked Luke Bryan!"
"Luke, I've been dying to get tickets for One of his concerts."
"Does your sister like him?"
"We both love him!"
"So then you wouldn't mind meeting him would you?" Oh my fucking god!
"Oh my fucking lord! Are you serious?"
"Yes I am. Do you want to?" Instead of answering, I scream really loudly and ran over and hugged Luke as tight as I could. While I was still hugging Luke, the door opened and Catie walked in. I ran over to her and literally screamed

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