Chapter 70

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When Hunter looks up to me, I can see clearly the look of worry across his face.
"You okay over there Hunter?" I hear Calum ask him. The only thing I can think of is please do not tell them what I just told you. "No I am not okay." Fuck.
"Why not?" Luke B asks.
"Because Hannah was thinking like she used to." He says with a shaky voice.
"Well thanks a lot." I say.
"Wait, why didn't you want us to know." Ashton asks and it's clear in his voice that he's hurt.
"Because I knew what would Happen."
"And what's going to happen?" Calum asks. I think it's funny because Mikey, Luke B, Tyler and Brian are staying quiet seeing as how they already know this.
"What's going to happen is that you all would find out then Ashton would do nothing bit blame himself for it eve though it has absolutely nothing to do with him."
As I thought this would happen, ashton walked out once again.

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