Chapter 94

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After I finished my food we we're all just talking and laughing. My phones goes off and it's a text from Caitie.

From Caitie;

Me and Ethan broke up.

To Caitie;

What? Why? Does Calum and Luke know?

From Caitie;

He cheated on me, your boyfriend knew about it and yes they know and they know why and I have never seen them more pissed before.

Well I'm now gonna be single. Oh well.

To Caitie;
Hunters out here and his ass is going to get it from me. Of course there gonna be pissed and Mikey was getting pissed when I asked his opinion on it and when he asked who I told him you guys. Don't give it long after I call Hunters ass out on it before Ashton is.

From Caitie;

Have fun with that. Text me when your on your way back.

I left it at that. I wanted to tell Ash and Mikey what happened before I blew up on Hunter so I asked them to help me pack up the few things I had in the camper.

"So just so you guys know, I'm gonna be a single girl in about 10 or so minutes. "

"I thought you liked Hunter still." Mikey said confusion evident in his voice.

"Yea till I found out he knew that Ethan cheated on Caitie and didn't tell me. " Both of them dead stop what there doing and look at me.

"His ass along with Ethan's is going to get beat for hurting my little sister. "

"Ash, you can gladly beat their asses but let me put my two sense in for hunters please."

"Fine." I turned around and walked back outside to where they all were. Hunter comes up and wraps his arm around me.

"Um no. You ain't allowed to do that no more. " I say to him and everyone stops talking and all eyes are on us.

"What do you mean? I'm your boyfriend."

"Uh correction. Were my boyfriend. We're breaking up."

"Says who? What the hell did I do? Let me guess you wanna run off with one of your brothers band mates."

"Says me. Don't even give me the well what did I do? Because you know damn well what I'm getting at. You knew Ethan cheated on my sister and still didn't say anything to me. And no I ain't runnin off with one of the band members cause there like my brothers to so."

"What does that gotta do with us? Ain't like I cheated on you."

"I don't give a damn. You knew he cheated and didn't tell me. I'm done with you we're broken up end of story." He kept going at it and then all hell started breaking lose.

"Didn't she just tell you she ain't dating you anymore?" Ashton says as him and Mikey walk up to him.

"And what are you guys gonna do? If anything I deserve to be in her life more than you two. Least I didn't leave her with complete strangers for 16 years." I look over to Ash and Mikey right after that is said and they look hurt.

"God I knew you were a dick but seriously? What happened was not his fault and he had no control over it but he still made the effort to come back for me."

"But he left you for 16 years. I wouldn't leave you."

"I don't care that's the past. It's over and done with just like you and I." I walked over to my brothers and put my arms around them.

"I'm going back on tour with them and well I really don't care what you do but you ain't comin with us." He looked pissed and he wasn't the type of guy you want to piss off. He started walking towards me and out of instinct I grab on to my brothers tighter and pull them in front of me. He kept getting closer but kept walking past me and off my site.

"Are you okay?" Ash asked. Was I? No but it's not like I have been so.

"Yea. I'm fine." He looks like he bought it but Mikey don't look it. Wonderful

"Does Luke and Calum know that the two of them broke up?"

"Yes Ashton they both know and know why they did."


"Let's go home."

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