Chapter 9

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"Ashton!" I say and start to walk over to where he is standing.

"What?" Is his only response but his voice comes out shaky and hardly a whisper.

"Why? Your like perfect though."

"Please.. I'm anything but perfect."

"Can we talk?"

"Sure." After he said that we started walking and we ended up outside on a bench. Once we got to it, I sat down but I sat criss cross so I was facing Ashton.

"Will you tell me why?" I am sure that he isn't going to open up to me but it's worth a shot.

"Before I was in the band, I was bullied a lot. So I started to cut and that stuff. Once I got into the band, I stopped cutting for the fans and my life got turned around. I still always think to my self, if I wasn't in The band or got into the band, would I still be here today." I was bawling my eyes out at this point. Ashton looked up at me and his eyes were threatening to spill tears out as well.

"Ashton come here." I say and scoot closer to him and as soon as I get over there I just hug him as tight as I can. Thankful he was in this band and that he was my brother.

"Please don't leave me too. I've already lost one of my best friends because she commited suicide.If I loose you I don't know if I would be able to deal with it."

"Look at me." I look up to him and he looks into my eyes and says..

"You Don't have to worry about me leaving you. I'm done with all of that and I would never go back to it. But you got to promise me something."


"That your not going to hurt yourself any more. Just talk to me or one of the boys okay?"

"Okay." I just go back to hugging him again.

"Oh and Ashton?"


"Thank you."

"What are you thanking me for?"

"Because for the first time since my best friend died, Im actually smiling a real smile."

"Anytime. I'm just glad that I could help was all."

"Do you wanna head back seeing how your concert in in a couple hours?"

Yeah come on." And we were walking back to the stadium. Once we walk through the door, we were both engulfed in hugs.

"What are your guys issue?" Ashton asked the other 9.

"We all thought you were kidnapped or something." Harry and Niall say at the same time.

"That is just bizarre!" Every one finally stops hugging me but Micheal is still hugging my side.

"Can I help you Mikey?"


"So then why are you still hugging me?"

"Because your like my sister now."

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