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Chapter 47

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"What did I tell you the first day I meet you?" I asked Ashton.
"That you swear a lot."
"Exactly, so why are you telling me not to swear?"
"I don't know force of habit I guess." I go into the freezer and get out a pizza so Micheal won't have a fit. I put it in the oven and go and sit back down.
"So, what time should I tell Luke to come over?"
"It's 12 Now so how about 12:30." Ashton answers.
To: Luke Bryan
Come over about 12:30 we're all up..
From: Luke Bryan
Okay! See you then
"He said okay." I told Ashton.
"I'm gonna call the boys and tell them to get over here!"
"Oh that should end well." Hunter says. I grab my phone out dial Harry's number.
"Well hello to you too Harry."
"Why are you calling me so early?"
"It's 12 in the afternoon! How is that early?"
"It's early to me."
"Where are the rest of the boys?"
"Nialls getting food, Liam's playing on his phone and Zayn and Louis are still sleeping like I was before I got woken up."
"Don't wake up Zayn and Louis."
"Well what are you gonna do?"
"Just have Liam or Niall go stand by the door and open it when I get there."
"Okay." I hang up the phone, grab my speaker and put my shoes on.
"Where are you going?" Calum asks me.
"To wake up Zayn and Louis. I woke up Harry already by calling him, Niall was getting food and Liam was on his phone."
"Shocker with Niall getting food." Catie says.
"I'll be back with the boys in a few, don't burn down the bus." And with that I walked out the door. I walked over to where One Directions tour bus was and knocked on the door. Liam came and answered the door.
"What are you going to do?"
"I'm just gonna blare my music is all. No big deal."
"Good luck!" Niall and Liam say together while I laugh.

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