Chapter 85

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I tell everyone that they can come on tour with me and Luke and they all looked so shocked.
"Wait THE Luke Bryan??" Jay and Carrie ask at the same time.
"Yes if you don't believe me hold on."
I run back to Luke and pull him back to the fire and everyone just has a very shocked expression on there face. That is until lily screams and runs to hug him.
"Hannah!! You didn't tell me that you knew Luke Bryan!!!!" Lily says with so much exitment.
"Hi! Whats your name sweetie?"he asked lily.
"Lily." She simply responsed. Luke just nodded his head and finally lily let go of him.
"Just so y'all know, Collins is stoppin by within a few." He didn't even finish his sentence before Collins showed up.
"Hannah." He says with a evil smirk on his face. Wonderful.
"Collins." I say back to him. Before I know it in thrown into the pool next to the site.

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