Chapter 91

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He puts the cart in forward and started to drive down to his site.
"Are you okay?" I ask him.
"Yeah why wouldn't I be?"
"With Terry sayin what he did."
"I've gotten so use to it. it doesn't even affect me anymore."
"Oh." I look down to my phone and see a text from Mikey.
From Mikey
Will you please come back? Ash is upset.
To Mikey
I thought you hated me.
From Mikey
Why on earth would you think that I hate you?
To Mikey
Um only due to what you said.
From Mikey
No God I don't hate you your like my sister. Will you please tell me where you are?
To Mikey
Ask catie she knows. But I swear if you bring any of the other boys out I will never trust you again. Bring Hunter though.
From Mikey
I won't tell the boys but I'll bring him.
I look back up to Adam and realize that something is wrong with him.
"Are you okay?"
"Um I am you might not be. Turn around." I turn around and see Kathie and Megan. What the hell do they not understand about leave me alone.
"What the fuck do you want?"
"We just wanted to see you guys."
"Thats a bunch of bullshit. And you both know it is."
"No it's not, we want to make sure Adams okay after everything that was said." Okay I'm ready to slap her for that. I start walkin toward her but Adam pulls me back and won't let me go.
"Can you let me go so I can beat there asses?"
"No, I'm not gonna let you beat there asses, as much a I would love to see it I'm not gonna let you." I turn back to Kathie and Megan and say
"Get the hell out of here before I beat your ass." That made em move fast.
Finally Adam let me go after they left. I went onto his deck and turned on the football game seein how it's Sunday and Sunday is game day. The Dallas Cowboys are playin the New England Patriots. This should be interestin because I'm Dallas and Adams New England.
"The patriots are gonna lose you know." I say to him but not in a mean tone, more like messin round tone.
"Oh I don't think so. Not today."
"Lets just watch the game and find out." Me and Adam we're so involved into the game so when Dallas got a touch down I jumped up and screamed yes. I sat back down and got back involved with the game. Both of us were on the edge of our seats watchin the game. So far the games tied at 3-3 but it only just started.
"You watch football?" I heard someone say. I turned around and saw Luke Tyler Brian and now Hunter Harry and Mikey.
"Yes. And Dallas is the best team." Adam looms at me enoufht so say no.
"Gotta agree with ya there." Luke said and high fived me. I look back to the game then hear the voice I told Micheal not to bring. Ashton.

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