Chapter 82

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Once I walked away, I went down big oak, one if the roads at leiti and was walkin when I heard my name being called. I turned around and saw luke coming after me.
"Hey sorry I just didn't feel like dealin with there shit." I explained
"It's fine and why did they start all the drama in the first place?"
"Okay so in the first place, Jeff Well, I call him Jay but besides that fact, he's not my real uncle I don't have any uncle's because my grandma had a miscarriage for her second kid but Jay and my dad are like brothers so I call him my uncle because he has been in my life for quite a while. But through most of the winter we were with Chris and Kathie so once Jay and Carrie and his kids came out we were with him a lot so they didnt like that one bit. But it pisses me off because of what nate said yesterday." Ugh just explaining it makes me so beyond pissed.
"What did this nate kid say?"

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