Chapter 78

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I talked to Jeff a little more than this nurse came in and said that he can leave. He got his things then we went back to the bus seeing how there was a text on my phone from ashton saying that they were home.
"So, when am I coming out again?" I asked him as we were walking back.
"Well, why don't you come out tonight? When we get back, you can grab your things and then come out."
"Okay!" So we were just talking about random things as we walk back. We finally get back to the bus and walk in.
"Um, who's that?" Mikey asks me as soon as I shut the door.
"My uncle, Jeff."
"Oh, hi!"
"Hello." He says kinda like he don't know what to do.
"I have something to tell ya guys." I say.
"What is it?" Ashton asks as he stands up.
"I'm gonna go and stay with him for a little while." I say while going quiet at the end.
"What do you mean?" Ashton says, his voice becoming louder with every word.
"In other words, Im going with him for a while."
"So, your ditching us?" Micheal says with a harsh tone behind his voice.
"I'm not ditching you."
"Obviously you are." Luke adds in.
"No I'm not luke."
"Yeah you are hannah." Calum says with a hate tone.
"No, I am not ditching you. Its my uncle for god sake!!"
"Well, if all of a sudden, you wanna ditch us, then why don't you just go and live with him for the summer while is and your sister tour the world!" Ashton says, with a lot of hate in his voice. My eyes start to tear and I walk up right infront of him and say,
"Fine, I will. But don't expect me to come Running back to you seeing as how it seems you hate me." and with that I get my bags and walk out the door with my uncle.

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