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Chapter 21

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I really do love this, but sooner or later we're going to have to tell the boys about everything. I have to find catie and talk to her.
"Wheres Catie?" I ask Calum.
"Over there."
"Thanks." I walk over to Catie who is sitting on the chair and sit next to her.
"We need to talk."
"About what." I don't say anything I just look down at my wrist then to hers, then back up at her.
"Oh. Well we can't exactly do it here."
"Well Duh. We have to find a way to get back to the tour bus."
"We could say that we are tired and ask I'd we could go back." Catie suggests.
"Yass let's do that." Me and Catie get up and walk over to Ashton.
"Hey Ashton." Thank god Catie is doing this because I suck at lying.
"Hey. Whats up?"
"Nothing we were wondering if we could go back to the tour bus. Its been a really long day."
"Yeah, let me just tell the boys and then I'll walk back with You guys." After he tells us this, he goes and tells the boys something.
"Well that went easier than I thought it would."
"I know right."
"Ready guys?"
"Yeah we're ready when you are." We start walking back to the bus and it's just silent.
Finally Ashton breaks the silence.
"I'm really glad you guys are here. You know that right."
"Well I would hope so, seeing how you went all the to Los Angeles, CA to come and get us." I say laughing through the sentence. Ashton puts an arm around my shoulders and one around Catie's as well. I look over to Catie and she's doing the same thing as me. Trying not to fangirl. We get back to the bus and Ashton unlocks the door. Once we get in, me and Catie sit on the couch and Ashton just stands.
"Well I'm going to go back and see what the boys are up to. Will you guys be okay here?"
"Ashton we will be fine." me and Catie say in unison.
"Okay, just lock the door after I leave okay? I'll have keys to get back in."
"Okay." He walks out of the bus and I get up to lock the door. As soon as I do, me and Catie scream at the top of our lungs. We did this because we thought we were alone but we hear Ashton himself laugh to himself outside of the window. I look to Catie and our cheeks are equally as red.

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