Chapter 10

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"Wait what did you just say?"

"I said your like my sister."

"Awe that is so sweet Mikey!!" I hear a click and I look up and see Catie taking a picture of me and Micheal.

"Seriously? You know I hate pictures."

"But that is all the more reason to do it."

"I suggest you start running.." She takes off and I run after her. I almost catch up to her but someone grabs ahold of my waist and won't let me go. I look up and it Niall.

"Niall, let me go."

"Nope. I'm good."

"Niall, let me go." I repeat to him.

"Tell me why your chasing your sister."

"Okay, she took a picture of me and she knows that I hate my picture being taken."

"How come you don't like having pictures taken?" I go to open my mouth but Catie answers for me.

"Because she thinks she is fat. That's why." Niall looks at me then back to Catie then back at me again.

"Your not fat."

"Yes I am."

"No your not."

"Yes I am. Ask anyone and I bet they would say I am."

"Harry, Ashton, Liam, Luke, Louis, Micheal and Zayn come here!!" Oh that is so not fair!

"They don't count."

"You said ask anyone." Catie reminds me.

"She took the words out of my mouth." Niall says to me as all the boys the boys walk in.

"Yes Niall?"

"She seems to think that she is fat. What do you think that she is?"

God no! Your not fat at all!" All eight of them say at the same time.

"Well I think I am."

"Hannah, come here. I need to tell you something." Ashton says to me. Great what now?

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