Chapter 93

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As we sat around the fire pit, I was thinking about the whole fight with Ashton. I don't get why he got so upset over the fact that I was coming out here for a little bit. It ain't like I'm leaving him to stay out here permanently. I wanna talk to him cause I do miss him kinda. Him along with Mikey. I know I said I wasn't gonna go back with him but I don't wanna not be with my brother. I get up so I can go and find Ashton and Mikey to talk to. I just hope they haven't left yet.

"Where you goin?" Scott asked me. Damn I thought I was the only one still up. Guess not.

"Gonna go try and talk to Ashton."

"The kid who tried to take you?"

"Yeah." I looked down as I said it.

"Why would you wanna talk to him?"

Hes still my brother. I gotta at least try to talk to him." He just nods his head. I grab my phone and start walkin. I get to kathies and notice him around her fire pit talking to Megan. Great. I walk onto her site and up to Ashton.

"Why are you here?" God, am I allowed to slap Megan?

"To talk to my damn brother that's why." I turned backed to Ashton.

"Can we talk?" He nods and gets up. We just walk and talk.

"What made you want to come and talk to me?"

"Your still my brother. Whyd you get so upset on the tour bus?"

"Because you were leaving."

"I had all intentions of coming back. Then we got into a fight."

"I know. Do you really not trust Michael?"

"No I still do. Why?"

"Because he was really upset about it. He ran off somewhere here and I don't know where."

"Did he say any hint as to where before?".

"Said something about a path that leads to this lake." I knew exactly where it was.

"I know where he is then. Go back to my site  and I'll go get him and bring him back."

{Michaels POV}

That hurt. When she said she lost trust in me. I just wanted to bring Ashton out so they would get over this, not to start more shit. I should've left it alone the way it was..

{Hannah's POV}
I walked to the path he was talking about. I heard someone throwing pebbles on the ground and was pretty sure it was Michael.

"Mikey?" He stopped almost immediately and turned around.

"You said you didn't trust me anymore." He looked down like it hurt him to say the sentence.

"I was lying. I didn't know what else to say and I was just pissed. I still do."

"You do?"

"Yeah. Your my other big brother how couldn't I?"

"Because I brought Ashton out."

"And I also talked to Ashton and we're I think in progress of makin up."

"Oh." He looks down so I walk over to him and give him a hug.

"We gotta get back so I can talk to Ashton."

"Okay." We start to walk back and his arm around me

"Can I ask you something?"

"You ain't gotta ask to but yes."

"Should someone be worried about there boyfriend cheating on them?"

"Depends on what he's doing. Why?"

"Well he always goes out but almost never tells his girlfriend where's he's going. And he really hasn't talked to her much in the last week. And I'm asking because I know someone that's thinkin like it."

"I sure in hell wouldn't do that. He could be cheating on her. Who is it?"

"Catie and Ethan." As soon as I said those names, I could feel his grip get tighter on my shoulders. We walked onto the site as that happened.

"This dumbass over here thinks that your gonna go back on tour with him." Adam. Shit.

"Okay first of all, you we're out cold sleeping when I left, and I might."

"The same people you wanted to slap in my camper, you wanna go back on tour with?"

"You wanted to slap us? Mikey and Ashton say at the same time.

"Okay at the time, yes. Now not so much."

"Why do you wanna go on tour with them?"

"Hes still my brother."

"So? Who am I gonna hang with?" Really Adam.

"You can come with us." Ashton said at the same time I said "can he come with us."

"Well there ya go. Happy now?"

"Yes. Yes I am."

"Yall we're saying you needed an opening act right?"

"Yeah why?"

"What about Luke Bryan?"

"Sure." I'm glad I have my brothers back. I come outta my trailer from gettin food and Megan starts talking to me.

"You better leave me the hell alone before I slap the hell outta you." I say as I walk back to the fire. All I know is she better not follow me.

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