Chapter 3

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"So this is the big secret you have been kepping from us? You didnt tell us that we were related to Ashton freaking Irwin from one of our favorite bands?" I practicly scream. Half out of exictment, half out of me just simply being pissed off.

"Yes, now you girls should probaly go and pack your stuff up because after today, Anne Marie will be your legal gardian. Which means you both will be flying back to australia with the boys." My 'mum' says.

"Are you fuckin serious right now? By the way I swear a lot. Just a habbit."

"Just calm down okay. I thought you would be happy to come and live with me and the boys." Okay, I feel really bad now. Like seriously bad.

"No its not that I dont want to come and live with you guys its just the fact that I dont want to leave my life here. I mean all of my friends are here, And my boyfriend is here. And I like him a lot." Catie is giving me the biggest smirk ever!

"And when she says she likes him a lot, she means it. Just say his name and she starts to smile like crazy."

"Ugh! I do not do that."

"Luke, come here." And he walks over to Catie and what on earth can she be telling him?

"Hey, Hannah!"

"Yes Luke?"

"Should we invite Hunter over? You know so he can meet us?'' I have the biggest grin on my face when Luke says Hunter's name.

"See! Told ya so!"

"Aww that is so cute Hannah!!"

"Oh shut it Micheal." Why is Catie on her phone?

"Catie, so help me god, if you invited him over im going to kill ya!" And as soon as I said that, there was a knock at the door. And I looked over to Catie and she had the biggest smirk on her face. Calum started to walk to the door but I yelled after him.

"No Calum! Dont you dare! I know who it is!"

"To bad Im getting the door!"

"Hey Calum! I gotta tell you something before you open the door."

"Oh yeah and what would that be?"

"One that i'm moving in with you guys and karma is a bitch!"

"Are you gonna let me in or make me stand out here Hannah?" Aww he is so adorable!!

"One second! Calum move now! OR so help me god, you better sleep with one eye open! You may be my brother's best friens and bandmate but that wont stop me! If you dont beleive me ask her!" Finally I can get to the door.

"Hey Hunter! Whats up?"

"Catie asked me to come over."

"Love ya sis!"

"Just remeber what I told Calum! I defienlty wont be scared to do it to you!"

"Um who is Calum?" Shit I forgot that Hunter was heree.

"Well its sorta a long story." I saw that he was worried and hurt in his eyes

"No, god no not that sort of story. Long story short, im adopted, and this is my brother and his best friends. I go to gesture to the boys but there gone.


What?'' They said in a unison.

"This is Hunter and Hunter this is my real brother and his best friends and bandmates." I look over to the 'boys and they have the smerks on their faces like my 'father' did when he meet Hunter.

"Dont even think abut it!" I war the boys. Well this should be fun...

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