Chapter 62

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While everyone is talking I get up and go to my bags to get out my purple and white nail polish and walk back out. I sit down at the table.
"Whatcha doing?" Luke asks me while he comes and sits down across from me.
"My nails." Ugh I didn't grab my dot maker thing. I get up to go and find it. I can't find it. Dam I hope I grabbed it. I spend the next 15 minuets looking for it in my suitcases. I look through all of them and look in my bag. Of course that's where it was. I walk back out and I almost scream.
"What the hell are you doing?" There is purple nail polish everywhere including on Ashton, Mikey, Calum and Luke.
"We were trying to do what you were." Ashton says.
"Paint your nails?"
"Yes." I look over to Catie and can tell she is thinking the same thing.
"Would you like us to do it? We can do your makeup too if you like."
"Yes. Catie, you do Luke and Michael and I'll do Ashton and Calum." The two went with Catie to the couch and I told Ashton and Calum to sit at the table. I go and got my makeup and nail things. Once I got everything I go back out and spread everything on the floor. This will be a lot of fun .

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