Chapter 59

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I quickly pick the phone up.
"Hey. Just so ya know you don't suck at singing."
"Yes I do."
"No you don't."
"Trust me I do." I was looking down but looked up as soon as I heard a door open. It couldn't have been the boys because are they are all still are at the concert. I look up and fucking Jason Aldean is standing infront of me.
"Holy Shit." I say before I can comprehend it.
"What?" They all ask.
"Jason Aldean is standing infront of me!"
"Oh." I can't believe this is happening. This is unbelievable of how my life can go from being screamed at every single day to sitting in a bus with my boyfriend, Florida Georgia line, Luke Bryan and now Jason Aldean. The only things I can say are holy shit and this is fucking awesome!
"So, what are you doing here, if I may ask." I ask and turns towards Jason who is now at the table.
"Well, Tyler text me saying all the stuff about you and thinking you suck so I came down. I was in town already." Okay.
"Hey, I got something that will confuse you guys." Luke says. Oh no.

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