Chapter 89

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Go figure. As soon as we get there the first thing i see is Kathie naggin on Jay. Are you kiddin me?
"What the hell are you doin Kathie?" I ask as I walk up to Jay.
"Havin a conversation with Jeff." No shit!!
"Cant you just leave him alone like seriously?"
"And who do you think you are tellin me I can't talk to him? Oh and don't think I haven't noticed you all of a sudden runnin round with Luke Bryan over there." I look over to him and he looked quite taken back by her comment. All hell's bout to break loose.
" First of all, leave him outta this because he has nothin to do with you. And second of all at least I'm not the one who went and bought tickets to a Luke Bryan concert to get back at a 14 year old kid. Oh wait, thats what you did!" Take it out on me all you want but don't start goin after people I brought out here. That shit ain't gonna fly.
"Wait what did she do?" Luke asks me. Kathie opens her mouth to talk but I cut her off.
"Ah hell no. You ain't sayin nothin because you'll do nothin but fill his head with lies. What she did was went and bought tickets to your show all because I wasn't takin her to Flordia Georgia line. Oh and by the way Kathie and Megan, ive meet both of them and know them so you can take that however you like. And the only reason why she bought your tickets were because she wanted to get back at me. Megan doesn't even really like your music." I couldn't tell if Luke was mad or hurt. He turned around and just ran. So my natural instinct is to run after him. I started then got stopped by Megan. I jerked my shoulder forward and kept runnin.

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