Chapter 18

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The crowd starts screaming but not a in a Bad way.

"I'll take that as a yes." He looks over to us and waved us over but me and Catie didn't move. Luke tells Calum something, god knows what, and they start walking towards us. Me and Catie look to each other, and we go to turn around and run that way but we bump into someone. Harry and Louis.

"I don't think so."

"Cmon please?"

"Turn around." I look over to Catie and see that she is just as scared as I am. We both slowly turn around only to be practicly dragged onto the stage.

"Cmon Luke, please?"
"Nope." And by this time, were on the stage. Great.
"So, 5sos family, these are my two little sisters! Hannah and Caitlin who you can call Catie!" The fans start to scream on joy and me and Catie just stand there.
"Well do you want to say something or just stand there?" Ashton says with Sass clear in his voice.
"Well sassy, we would but we don't got a microphone." He doesn't say anything and luke and him hand us a microphone. Calum, Michael and Luke are trying there best to hold In there laughs.
"What do we say?" Catie whispers to me.
"I don't know! I have stage fright for god sakes!"
"Did you just say you have stage fright?"
"Yes Calum, I did. I don't like being on stage."
"You play the violin and you don't like being on stage?" I'm going to kill Calum because as soon as he said that the other 3 boys got a smirk on there face.
"Calum!!!  You just reminded them of what they were going to do!"
"Opps. Sorry!"
"Please don't! I hate people seeing me practice."
"She does she kicks me out of our room while she practices."
"Wait! You guys can sing! Do you guys want my sisters to sing a song with us?" Seriously?! Once again the crowed starts screaming. Wonderful.
"What song do you want to do?" me and Catie look at each other and I can tell what she is thinking.
"Okay!" We all sing American idiot and surprisingly in went well. All though at the end of the song, on the last note, Ashton hit himself in the face with a drum stick! All of us on stage burst out with laughter because we were the only ones who saw. The boys rap up their part of the show and we walk back stage to their dressing room. All Ashton does is sit down on the couch and goes on his phone without saying a word. Something has to be wrong because every single show after they finish he always makes a keek. I walk over to him and sit down next to him.
"What's wrong?" I ask and turn my head to him.
"Ashton, there is something wrong. I'm one of your fans who watch every keek that you post after your shows. And you didn't do one. You just came in and sat down."
"It's nothing." After he says that, he gets up and walks out of the room. What have I done?
"Ashton-" I get cut off by the door closing. I see Micheal going to get up to go after him.
"Micheal don't worry about it. I'll go. It was my fault he walked out anyway." I get up off of the couch and walk out to find Ashton. Something is not right. After about 5 minutes of walking, I finally see him and he's sitting with his back against the wall and his head in his hands. What is wrong with him?

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