Chapter 63

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I decided to with Calum first.
"Nails or makeup first?" I ask him.
"Um nails!" Okay then.
"What color?" He looked at the colors on the floor and picked up a bright purple color. Almost like a neon purple. As I'm painting his nails, he starts talking.
"So, how has this been so far?"
"What do you mean?"
"Like have you had fun and that with us." I stop what I'm doing and look up at him.
"Trust me, this has been Amazayn and wouldn't trade it for the world. Did you think I wasn't having fun?"
"Why'd you think that?"
"Because I came in here and saw you dancing and all that with Jason, Luke B, Tyler hunter and Brian and thought that you were having more fun with them." Whole he was talking, I finished his nails and then moved to Ashton who picked a neon pink.
"Just because I was dancing around with them, doesn't mean that I'm not having fun with you guys." By the time I said that, I was halfway Done with Ashtons nails. All of a sudden, someone brings there hand across my face with white frosting. I look up and see Louis.
"Louis! You are fucking dead!" I get up and get a huge plate, fill it with whipped cream and start to chance Louis around with it. This kid, is going down.

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