Chapter 33

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"Come here." Calum says and begins to walk back to the back of the bus. Once we both get back there, I sit down on the couch and Calum sits next to me.
"You gotta stop thinking like that. None of us are going to hurt either you or your sister."
"I know. I'm trying not to but when that's what you have been used to for the last sixteen years." Instead of saying anything, he just pulls me in for a side hug. While I'm thinking, Luke comes waltcing in with a huge grin on his face.
"Luke, what did you do?" I ask him and take the words out of Calums mouth.
"Nothing much."
"Then why do you got a grin on your face?"
"Remember how I told you and Catie that you guys could meet Luke Bryan?"
"Yes...." I got a huge smile on my face. I look past Luke and see that catie is crying.
"Well he had the day off and he said that we could stop by the tour bus seeing how he is in NYC too!"
"OH MY GOD LUUUKKKEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I got up and started screaming and ran over and hugged Luke!
"Well hurry up and get ready because we are leaving in 10 minutes." I ran to my bunk and got out my contacts and ran to the bathroom to put them in. In the mean time, I ran into Mikey.
"Woah, in a hurry there?"
"WERE MEETING LUKE BRYAN!!!!!!!!" After I got my contacts in, I applied my foundation and a thin like of eye liner. I changed into my ripped skinny jeans and boots. After that I brush my teeth and hair quick. About 5 minutes later I was done and ready to go. I ran back to my bunk and grabbed my leather jacket seeing as how it was kinda chilly out. 6 minutes and I was ready to go.
"Wow! That's the fastest I've ever seen you get ready." Ashton says and walks up to me.
"Would you like to know why I was so fast?"
"Sure! Why not?"
"And there goes my ear drum."
"Sorry. I'm just happy, I've loved him since I was ten and begged the people I lived with to buy me and Catie tickets to one of his concerts but they wouldn't." When I finished my sentence, Luke walked out with Catie.
"Ready to go?" he asks me.
"Yes now come on!" I said as I literally dragged him out of the bus. I'm finally going to be able go meet Luke Bryan. The person who sings Drink A Beer, All My Friends Say, Roller Coaster, Play It Again and That's My Kinda Night.

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