chapter 80

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{Lukes pov }
After catie told me that, I jumped into my pickup and went to this campground. About five or ten minutes later, I pulled in. I got out at the site catie told me to stop at. Site 46. I put the truck in park and hopped out. It looked like there was a bunch of people out in the woods. Now this is my kinda camping. I walked back were there was a fire started and heard laughing. I got all the way back and Hannah noticed me.
"Luke what are you doing here?"
"Your sister wanted me to come and check on you."
"Oh, I'm just fine." She says to me but I can tell she's lying.
"Can we talk please?" I ask hoping she says yes.
"Yeah, do you wanna go for a walk or..."
"Yeah." She get s up from her spot and walks towards me.
"So, why did my sister want you to check on me?"
"Just to make sure you were Okay after what went down."
"Yeah. I'm used to it. It's not the first time Ive Been rejected."
"No, don't think of it like that."
{Hannah's pov}
"Yeah but he obviously meant what he said."
"Tell ya what. If that's the case, when I leave their tour, you can come with me."
"Okay!!" We continued to talk and walk when I spotted Megan, Kathie and nate. Joyful, Not.

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