Chapter 7

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I start to cry even harder after I tell them. Ive known them for 2 days and they knw what I didnt want them to know.

"Come here." Ashton says so I walk over to him and he just hugs me and I bury my head into his chest and cry. After I finally calm down and stop crying, we go bacl to the couches and just sit. Calum on the end, Micheal next to Calum, Ashton next to Micheal, Me next to Ashton, Catie next to me and Luke next to Catie.

"So, what about you Catie?" Micheal Asks Catie this time.

"Ha your turn!"

"I love One Direction and 5 seconds os summer. I kind of know how to play the piano, im really clumsy. And I have high grades and my eyes are blue- grey and blonde hair."

"How much longer until we get there?" Me and Catie ask at the same time..

"Like 2 hours why?" Okay Luke is officaly clueless!

"Because we want to meet One Direction a lot Luke." All four of them look at each other and then back to us.
"Are you sure two sure your not possesed?" Calum asked us between his laughing.

"Trust me I would know. And no were not." I go on my phone and was just simpley on twitter and scrolling through my newsfeed. Micheal comes out of no where and takes my phone and starts to run around the bus. Everyone is laughing there asses off exept for me. the bus stops and is turned off but I dont pay any attention to it and Mikey ran out of the bus me on his heels. He ran into this building and I followed him. He made a turn into a room and so did I. I finally caught up with him. There were 5 boys in the room he went into but all I wanted was my phone back. To stop him, I jumped on his back and he fell and I grabbed my phone. I looked up and saw 5 boys looking at us laughing there asses off as well. But these wernt any 5 boys. THIS WAS ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!

"Uh Hi!" I say smiling like a huge idiot.

"Hey, what was all that about?" Harry asks me.

"He took my phone and I am overprotective with my phone." So he grabs it an dstarts to run down the hallway with it and I go after him like I did with Mikey. What is it with these boys and taking my phone?

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