Chapter 92

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Oh my God. This is not happening right now. He seriously brought out the one person I told him not to. He fuckin brought out Ashton.
"What the hell Micheal?!?!?"
"I told you not to bring out Ashton with you. I said Hunter. Not Ashton. I lost majority of the trust I had in you the first time you turned on me. I told you that if you brought him out that the would lose all trust in you and wouldn't let you back in and wouldnt put any trust into you again. So apparently my trust don't mean a dam thing to you." I scream at him. I start to walk towards him so I can slap him or something but Adam grabs me like he did when Kathie was here. I don't know how I did it but somehow I maneged to slip out his grip. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Luke, Jason, Tyler, Brain and Adam all look at each other. As soon as I almost reach Micheal, I'm being lifted off my feet and carried into Adams trailer.
"Can I please go slap the hell out of him?" I ask I try and get back outta the door.
"No you can't go slap him." Luke said.
"He told me he wasn't gonna bring him." I said back goin quite at the end. Does he seriously not care that I said I wouldn't trust him?
"I know but you can't slap him." Why does everything always happen to me?
"I should have never came on this tour."
"Why do you say that?" Jason asked me this time.
"Because the only thing good that has came outta this tour is finally meetin my real family and meetin y'all. Hell, I don't even fit it with my real family. I ain't the least bit related to y'all and I'm more like y'all then him."
"That is true there. But what about your sister?" Jason asked.
"She'll be fine with Ashton. She's more like em anyway."
"So where are you gonna go then?"
"That I'll have to figure out. Most likely I'll probably go back with the people I was with." I say as I look down.
"Hell no you ain't!" Luke says, well more like kind yells.
"Where the hell am I supposed to go then?" I say as I stand up.
"If you ain't goin back with your brother then you can come on tour with me." I look at him like he's crazy.
"Are you serious?"
"Yes I'm serious." I get up and hug him and thank him over again.
"Well hell I'm lonley again." Adam says and I look over to him.
"I'm sorry." I say. Luke's phone goes off and I look over to him.
"You do realize that we basicly left Scott and Stiles standin in the middle of the road right?"
"Now I do. I feel bad bout it too."
" What do you wanna do? Have them come out here or go back to where they are?"
"Why don't they come out here? We'll go back to my old site though seein as his I still got my camper there."
"Okay." As he was replyin back to them I turned towards everyone.
"Yall can come too if you'd like." They all either said yes, okay or nodded there heads. We walk outta the camper and I walk straight pass both boys and ignore them. As we we're walkin back to my site, Luke said that Stiles and Scott we're on there way. I started a fire as soon as we got there and pulled chairs out and set them round the fire pit. I was gettin cold so I went and grabbed my sweatshirt that said beacon hills lacrosse on the front and stilinski 24 on the back.
When I got back I took my seat again and watched the fire. Everyone was involved in there own conversation and no one noticed that stiles and Scott were there.
"Hey." I said to them a they walked over.
"Hey is this your campsite?" Stiles asked me as they came and sat down.
"Yup. Has been since I started." I say as I look around my site thinking of how long I've been campin
"How long have you been campin for?"
"I've camped since I was 8 weeks old."
"Damn. Thats a long time to be campin for."
"Yeah but it goes by fast when you love doin it." I say as i look back at the fire. I hear Stiles mumbling to himself.
"Is he okay?" I point to Stiles as I ask Scott.
"Well, not entirely."
"Whats happening to him?"
"One of two things. Either a panic attack, or the nogitsone is tryin to take over again." I looked at him in disbelief.
"Wait thats true? I thought yall just did that for the show."
"No everything that happened actually happened."
" Well what the hell do we do?" As soon as that leaves my mouth, a devil walks up.
"Get the hell outta here kathie."
"Looks like you and your friend over there could use some help." She point to Stiles.
"Leave me and him alone. Ain't no one wants you here."
"He seems to enjoy me bein here seein how I brought him back to his run away sister." Ashton comes out and proceeds to walk over to where I was.
"Get the hell away Ashton. I don't want you here."
" Cmon you know I didnt mean what I said bout you leaving."
"I don't care if you meant it or not. You said it. Your the only real family I had and you went and said what you said. I hope you know I ain't comin with you or back."
"Guess what. I'm your brother so you are comin with me."
"Id like to see you try and make me." I look over to see if Stiles is still okay. His eyes have gotten really dark. I look back forward enough to see Ashton walkin up to me and he grabbed my wrist and started to pull.
"Let go of me." He just kept a grip on my wrist.
"Didn't she say to let her go?" I look up in surprise to see Stiles gettin out of his chair.
"And who the hell are you tryin to tell me how to deal with my sister?"
"Someone who cares about her." Did I hear that right?
"You dont care bout her." So i did hear right.
"I care more than you do."
"Don't worry. Ill come and get you later." He says as he turns and point to me.
"No you so because I ain't leavin till I know she's okay." Ashton just scuffs and walks away with Kathie behind him. Stiles turns to me enough to say and ask if Im okay.
"Thank you." I say as I hug him.
"Don't worry bout it."
"Are you okay?" I asked him.
"Yeah. Why?"
"Before Kathie showed up you were mumblin to yourself."
"Oh." I decided to just leave it at that.
"So why was he tryin to drag you with him?" Stiles asked me as I went back to the seat I was in.
"Because he thinks that he gonna get me to go back on tour with him after what he did and said."
"What'd he do?" Both Scott and Stiles asked at the same time.
"Basicly kicked me out because I wanted to go with my uncle to come out here for the little bit."
"Yeah. I ain't goin back and that's what my mind I made at. Hell he hasn't been there the last 16 years so why start now?"

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