Chapter 32

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After everyone got calmed back down, I go and sit on the couch.
"So, where are we headed next?" I ask the boys.
"Batavia, Ny." Me and Catie look at each other before we practicly scream
"RACK SHACK!!!!!!!"
"What?" All of them ask at the same time.
"Okay so it's this cute little diner and the food there is Amazayn!" We say together at the exact same time. We always seem to be in sync somehow. Wheather it's by walking or talking.
"Oh we can go there if you want." Ashton says to both of us.
"Yass thank you! I cannot wait to get their food again."
"Can I ask you two a question?" Zayn asks us.
"Are you two possessed or something? Because you always talk together."
"Why does everyone think that? Were not possessed." Just then, I remembered that Calum was scared of clowns. (IDK If he really is or not... Just go along with it please...) I grabbed out my phone and looked up 'possessed clowns'and hit search, then images. I found one that was creepy as hell. I saved it to my phone then texted Catie the plan. The plan was to send Calum the picture and when he tries and calls me out, I'll make sure I got the text deleted. She replied back with
*Oh my god yes! That will be so funny!* I went into Calums contact and sent him the text. It should be even better because the picture says "I'll be under your bed tonight" I quickly deleted the text to Calum. I heard his phone go off and looked over to Catie. She was trying to contain her laughter. As soon as Calum saw it, he dropped his phone and his face went pale like he'd seen a ghost walk right infront of him.
"Calum, are you okay?" I ask him already knowing his answer.
"What's wrong?"
"My phone." I grab his phone and look at it. And there Saturday the picture of the clown.
"Why'd you send it to me?" Dam OT I thought it would last longer.
"I didn't."
"Yes You did. Its right there." I grabbed my phone and went back to him.
"No I didn't." I showed him the picture. At first it was funny but now, I think he's going into panic or anxiety.
"Calum." He didn't look at me.
"Calum!" He still didn't.
"CALUM!!! LOOK AT ME!!" Finally I got him to look at me.
"It was all a joke! It wasn't suppose to get like this. I'm sorry. I didn't know you were that afraid of them."
"Wait this was all a joke?!" He said and his voice was getting less shaky and more angry and annoyed. I start to think of the worse and everything from the past started to run through my mind. I feel the tears brimming in my eyes and look up at the ceiling to keep them from falling.
"Hannah?" Calum says to me.
"What?" I say still looking at the ceiling.
"Look at me."
"I'm good."
"Hannah, look at me." I don't move I just keep looking up. He walks over to me and brings my head down in his hands. At first he looked upset but his expression softened almost instantly as he saw I was crying. No one said anything, Calum just pulled me into a tight hug.

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