Chapter 61

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While we were listening to the CD, I was on my phone and looking on twitter and facebook and stuff like that. I was scrolling through my twitter and I found something about a show I watch called Biker Battleground: Phoenix. It is suppose to be coming back in a week!
"YESSSSSSSS" I scream at the top of my lungs.
"What is your issue?" Micheal asks me.
"Biker Battleground is coming back on."
"Really? When?"
"A week why?"
"Because I watch that show." Okay I'm officially in shock with Michael right now.
"Yes. I like how they do the different choppers, crotch rockets and cruisers."
"I know right! I also like how they have a lot of different patterns. Also they got a lot of MC Clubs that want there bikes. What other bike shows do ya watch?" I say to him.
"I watch The Devils Ride. But that's about it."
"Oh my god! I love the devils ride. I'm sorry but LA is not big enough for the laughing devils and sinister mob."
"No it's not. And I'm not surprised that DanyBoy wants nothing to do with Sin Mob."
"I know, it's like seriously though, why would you steal another clubs colors? Like no you don't do that. Expecially since its in the same town."
"I know! It was really dumb on Bubba's part to go and start a new club anyway." Mikey has definitely got a point there.
"But with Biker Battleground, I like the tear drop gas tanks than any other one."
"I know right! It has a cooler design to it." I agree with Mikey.
"What the hell are you people talking about?" Catie says to the both of us.
"Were obviously the only people here that understand this." I turn my head to Micheal as I tell him this.
"I know. But that just makes something for us to talk about and confuse them with!"
"Ha Yess! I got my biker battleground Phoenix and devils ride buddy!"
"YASS me and Hannah are motorcycle buddies! Seeing how I had no one that was interested in or understood them before." Mikey says. Well this should be a fun tour!

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