Chapter 22

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Once we calmed back down, we get into the reason why we wanted to come back to the bus.
"What are we going to do and when are we going to tell them?"
"Catie, I don't even know anymore."
After I said that, I went into a deep thought. I know Ashton said that I wasn't fucked up but I know I am. Ashton only knows parts of the full story. We are both terrified to tell him.
This is the full story:
Me and Catie both have been bullied a lot. And social media only makes it 10 times worse. The bulling started in 8th grade and we both started cutting in 8th grade. We added a cut for Every new word that we were called. The only person besides Catie that knows that I used to cut is Ashton only because of the fact that he was holding onto my wrist and found out that way. We have both thought of commitng suicide but couldn't do it. We both have trust issues, we really only trust each other. Um I have anxiety and we both used to have deppresion but we got over that. The only reason we are alive is because of these 9 boys that were on tour with.
"Jesus what? You scared the shit out of me."
"I've been saying your name for the last five minutes."
"Oh sorry."
"When are we going to tell them?"
"Tell them what?" Luke! Ah Shit!

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