Chapter 26

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After like an hour of listening to Luke Bryan as loud as the radio would go, we decided to call it a night. I go to my bunk which is above Catie's. Ashton Is right next to me and Michael is next to Catie. At first I had trouble falling asleep but after like 10 minutes I finally manage to fall asleep. Only to wake up about a half hour later screaming and crying from a horrible nightmare.
"Hannah what is wrong?" Ashton says with his voice full of concern.
"It was a nightmare that was so realistic."
"Well, what was it about?" Oh I don't know, I just walked into a room and you had cuts all the way up your arm.
"You don't wanna know."
"Well, I walked into one of the rooms in like a hotel or something and I saw you." Ashtons face went from really confused to an 'oh my god' look.
"It wasn't."
"But it was." I saw while I look down and memories from the dream glass across my mind again.
"Hey, look at me." I look up at Ashton as he said to.
"Trust me okay, that is never going to happen, because that part of my life is done with." He just hugs me and I cry into his chest, thanking god that was only a dream. To be honest, I don't really think that I could ever live if that happened. It broke my heart when I found out that he did it in the first place.
"Yeah?" He says while he looks down to me and I look up at him.
"I'm really glad that you came and got me and my sister."
"I am too. I wouldn't want to be here without you guys."
"Me too." I say and yawn as I finish my sentence.
"Go to sleep okay?" He says to me while rubbing my back.
"Okay." I say and then rest my head back on his shoulder. Honestly, I wouldn't trade this for the world.

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