Chapter 51

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I look to Catie and she looks back and we burst out laughing.
"Um, why are you laughing?" Tyler and Brian ask us.
"Because Ethan and Hunter have stage fright!" We say inbetween laughter.
"Not funny." They both say which only causes us to laugh even harder. They go and sit on the couch and I feel bad. Me and Catie walked over.
"Awe you know that we love you!" Catie speaks for the both of us. They don't say anything so we snuggle up to them. We finally get them to smile again.
"You guys are so adorable!" Harry said.
"Here we go." I said and look over to Catie.
"Nothing." I turn on the TV and go to the guide. When I reach A&E, I see that Gater Boys is on and I say yes as I put it on.
" As soon as I finish my sentence, Paul comes in.
"Boys let's go! The concert starts in an hour."
"Okay." We all say and walk out the door and into the stadium.

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