Chapter 48

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I walk back to where the bunks are and find Harry asleep again. That lazy ass. I grab my phone out of my back pocket and connect it to my speaker. I pick One Hell Of A Night by Dustin Lynch and blare it through my speaker. Not even a minute into the sound and all three boys are up.
"What the hell are you doing?" Zayn asks.
"Waking your 3 lazy asses up. Its almost 12:30 and Luke Bryan is coming down to our bus today so let's go!"
"Ugh! Fine!"
"I don't even know why you went back to sleep seeing how I told you I was coming over."
"I didn't think you meant right then."
"Just get up and get dressed please." I walked back out to Niall and Liam and there laughing there assess off.
"What? This is why you would not want me to stay on tour with you guys."
"I see that." Niall says to me while eating a sub. Where the hell did he get a sub?
"Where the hell did you get a sub? And do you ever stop eating?"
"I went to Subway and no not really."
"So someone else joined the tour last
"Really? Who?"
"Mine and Catie's boyfriend Hunter and Ethan, Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia line and Brian Kelley from Florida Georgia line."
"Dam that bus has to be packed." Niall states.
"Not really, the bus is huge."
"We will have to make sure these boys don't break our sisters heart." Really Liam. "There not going to do that."
"Who's not going to do what?" Harry, Zayn and Louis ask as the come out.
"Liam think that mine and Catie's boyfriends are going to break our hearts."
"Wait when did you get a boyfriend?"
"3 years ago."
"Oh, how did they get here?"
"They where there when we meet Luke Bryan yesterday."
"Awe! Did you miss him?"
"Yes I misses him and I miss him now so hurry up and finish getting ready so I can see him."
"Aweeeee" Louis says.
"Just let's go." I say and all 5 boys and me walk out the door and back to mine.

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