Chapter 56

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"Sure!" Just then Ashton walks through the door.
"Well you look really sick." He says to me.
Ah shit.
"Um." Is all I can think of saying.
"I thought you left because you didn't feel good. Obvious it was just to ditch my concert."
"You don't know what your talking about so stop assuming things."
"Don't even start that with me."
"Well you don't."
"No I know. I knew I shouldn't have brought them onto this tour because your blowing me off to hang out with them." He says as he points to Luke, Tyler Hunter and Brian.
"That's not true. And don't bring them into it when they have nothing to do with it especially my boyfriend. "
"Well sure in hell looks that way."
"Can you just stop please?"
"Stop what? Being upset you blew your brother off to hang out with someone you've known for a day and your boyfriend that you don't even know if he's gonna stay with you or not?"
"I didn't blow you off! I'm sorry being in a stadium that the last time I was in was with my best friend who is dead now. Sorry that it's too hard to handle for Me. Yeah Ashton I was blowing you off because this is exactly what I love to do. Fight with my brother because he thinks I blew him off. And don't even go there."
"Hannah I-" I cut him off at that.
"Save it. I'm going for a walk." And with that, I walked out of the door.

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