Chapter 17

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Catie's point of View

"What?" Ashton can't be serious.

"We want you here. Your my little sister so why wouldnt I want you here?"

"Ashton, you do realize that your a part of one of the biggest bands right?"

"Yes I do."

"So then why do you want us here?"

"Because you are my little sisters. We all want you here. End of discussion." Well then.

     Hannah's point of View

"Wait so when do you have to be on stage tonight?" I figured I would ask seeing how it's already 7pm.

"Um, in fifteen minutes." Mikey tells me.

"Should we start walking now?"

"Yeah." Luke and Calum say together.

"And you say it's unnatural to have me and and Catie talking at the same time?" Ashton just snickers to himself. After a lot if walking and a lot of corner turning we finally get to the dressing room. Me and Catie look at each other and we are smiling like idiots. All of a sudden, music just starts blaring. Its "American Idiot" By Green Day.

"Got that loud enough?" I ask Luke who is dancing around the room.

"Nope!" Luke says and turns it louder.

"I wasn't serious." I say inbetween laughter.

"5 seconds of summer boys, let's go!" Paul says and begins to walk down the hall.

"Wanna go watch your brother?" Harry asks me and Catie.

"Yess!" We scream. After walking for about 5 minutes, we finally get to the side of the stage. While Michael was singing his solo in Don't Stop, Ashton looks over to where were and he notices us. After he sees us, he gets this evil smirk on his face. Uh oh.

"Catie? Did you see that too?"

"Ashton with that evil smirk? Yes."

"This can't be good." As soon as I said that. Ashton starts to talk to the audience.

"Do you guys wanna meet my little sisters?" Oh. My. God.

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