Chapter 14

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I'm just talking to Catie while the boys are messing around on the stage.


"What is wrong?"

"It just dawned on me that I haven't practiced at all since we got on here." I get up and the boys notice.

"Hannah where are you going?" Niall and Ashton ask me.

"Back to the tour bus to practice. I haven't practiced at all since I've been here!"

"Oh okay." they both say. I walk back out of the stadium and go into the tour bus and grab out my violin. I have been playing the devil went down to Georgia for 2 yrs now so I finally got it memorized. I make sure my violin is in tune and I start to play the song. I'm facing away from the door with my eyes closed so I can remember the notes. Once I finished that, I played a song called Carmen Suite which I competed with my middle school orchestra last year. Once I play a few more songs and the scales I know, I turn around to get rozen out of my case and I find all 9 boys and Catie standing there.

"Your amazing Hannah!" Liam says to me.

"No I'm not. I suck."

"Hannah Marie Irwin! You do NOT suck. If you sucked, the genesse symphony orchestra would not have asked you to play with them last year." Since when was Catie my mother?

"Since when were you my mother? And I think I can say if I suck or not seeing how I'm the one playing it."

"Sis, if you got asked to play with a symphony orchestra, you don't suck."

"Fine if I say I don't is this going to end this?"

"Nope, because I recorded you playing and were playing it durning the concert tonight." Excuse me but what did Luke just say?

"Um says who? Seeing as how I'm the one playing. And your the main culprit of this aren't you Catie?" I say sassily back.

"Yes I am! Your welcome." She may be my sister but imma kill her. She knows I hate it when people listen to Me play by myself.

"I would like to see you stop us." Micheal and Louis just opened up a door to something that they do not want to be a part of. And it's going to be funny what happens if they play the video at the concert tonight...

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