Chapter 83

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"What did this nate kid say?" Luke asks me.
"Well he told Jay's six year old son that Jay grabbed Carrie by her neck. But don't think for a second that it's true because Jay is one of the most down to earth people I know. He's a got a huge heart and would never do that." I said to Luke but when I turn around I'm in almost complete shock.
"Jay!" I say fairly loudly.
"That's what he told Zack?"
"Yeah. Zack came and told me but I told him not to worry about it it even think twice about it because you would never even think about it."
"Your sure in hell that I wouldn't even think about it. I can not beloved that kid said that."
"Neither can I. I swear there only happy when they have drama started." I told Jay then looked over at Luke.
"Luke, you look absolutely lost." I say with a slight chuckle behind my voice.
"Its because I am. I have no clue who the hell you people are talking about."
"At this point, thats a good thing. You don't wanna know who were talkin about."
"Well, do ya guys wanna head back? Carrie got the fire going and we got some marshmallows that we can cook." Jay asks me and Luke.
"Yes let's go!!!!" I answer and pull Luke behind me. We start to walk back talking bout random things and we finally get back and I see the last person I wanted to see. Ashton.

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