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Chapter 58

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"What the hell are you guys doing?" I ask Tyler Brian Hunter and Luke. Tyler is on the table dancing, Brian's on the couch standing up and dancing and Luke and Hunter are dying of laughter on the floor and there is music blasting through out the bus.
"Having fun! You should join in." As he finished his sentence, Good Girl by Carrie Underwood came on. So, out of instinct, I started to dance and sing along with it. Once the song was over all 4 boys are standing there staring at me.
"What?" I ask them.
"Dam girl you can sing!" Tyler says to me.
"No I can't."
"Yes you can and to prove it, I'll send the video to Jason."
"No!" I yell and try and grab the phone out of Tyler's hands.
"Too late!" I give up on trying to grab the phone back. I go and sit on the couch and something dawned on me. What Jason were Luke and Tyler talking about?
"Hey guys?"
"Yeah?" All three of them said.
"Who'd you send the video of me singing to?"
"Jason." Tyler says like its the mist obvious thing in the world.
"Aldean?" I ask.
"Yeah, who else would it be?" Holy shit. Jason Aldean got sent a video of me singing.
"He's going to think I suck! He's had 3 headlineing tours."
"He's not going to think you suck." Just then his phone goes off signing that he got a text. He looks at his phone and starts to type.
"Let me see your phone." I hand Tyler my phone and he looks at something, types something and then hands it back. Almost as soon as I get my phone back, it starts to ring. I look down at the screen, and the caller ID says "Jason Aldean". Holy Fucking Shit.

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