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Chapter 45

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Brian's point of View
I wake up and am thirsty so I go out to the kitchen to get some water. I walk out and see Hannah snuggles up to Hunter on the couch asleep. There so cute together! I grab my phone out and take a picture of them. I really hope they stay together. I finished my drink and went back to my bunk to go to bed.
Hannah's point of View
I wake up and noticed that me and Hunter fell asleep on the couch last night. I'm too lazy to move so I just stay there and kept laying down. I keep thinking of what Hunter asked me last night. "Do you ever think you would be happy if none of this happened?"
I wonder what he meant by that. I sure in hell know that I wouldnt be happy. I wouldn't have Hunter, or my brother. I hope he knows that I wouldnt think that I would be happier without him because god knows where I would be. I feel him moving around and sit up and look out the window. He wakes up and looks at me.
"Good morning."
"Mornin." I say back without looking away from the window.
"Are you okay?"
"What's on your mind?"
"Yes there is."
"You do know that I wouldnt be happier without you right?"
"Yeah. I couldn't stand if you weren't in my life." He said and I moved back to where I fell asleep.
"Why did you think that?"
"I don't know, I just wasn't sure." Just then, Brian and Tyler walk out and sits across from us.
"You two are freaking adorable!" Brian says.
"what are you talking about?" Brian took out his phone and pulled up a picture of me and Hunter sleeping on the couch.
"You took a picture??" I yelled at him!

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