It was amazing!

Once again.

Drew's lips on mine felt right.

I kinda had a feeling she felt what I was feeling.

I don't regret kissing her.

Because now maybe Drew can finally be called...mine.

I just got to give it a little time.

Since she's still in the hospital.

The kiss got a little more intense.

Then just by the minute, she started tugging at my hair.

It started to get rough.

A simple kiss started to turn into a hot make out session!

And I was perfectly fine with that.

No matter how many other girls I've one will have that effect on me like Drew does!

That's something unspeakable between me and her.

Just her and I.

That's how I would want it to stay.

And I had to be honest...

I did let out a little moan.

I never moaned before in just a make out session.

This girl must have some sort of magic.

And I didn't ever want to let go.

But the moment couldn't last forever.

My Tom Tom just had to be the wanker that he is!


He grabbed my shoulders and I jumped.

And I think I kinda bit Drew's lip in the process.

"Damn you Parker! Your such a wanker you know that.! Sorry about your lip..."

She giggled.

"Um... what's a wanker? I am guessing that's not a good thing."

"Your correct! And I can explain that later."

I just turned around and gave Tom that evil glare.

I just wanted to be alone with her.

"Um mate... but I did have a reason to break up you guys sucking face."

"What could it be my Tom-Tom?"

I asked starting to play with his ear.

"We have a gig to go to." 

"Oh yeah! I completely forgot! Do you mind if I leave you for a little bit love?"

She smiled.

"Go sing your pretty little face off! Just not for to long."

I smiled.

I gave her a quick kiss on her cheek.

"I will see you later. I promise."

And with that I followed Tom out of the room.

"I seriously hate you."

I said.

I do.

But not for long.

"I know! I just wanted to be an ass."

"You did!"

But the only thing on my mind was Drew.

And that kiss.

I knew what I had to do..

I had to make her mine.

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