I kept tossing and turning all morning and all night long.

For some reason I just couldn't sleep.

Well I guess it would be for a couple reasons...

First off Nathan has disappeared out of nowhere and he still hasn't returned and to be honest... I'm missing our baby of the band and I need to make sure he's safe and didn't get kidnapped.

And secondly I'm just missing Kelsey.

We have been on the road for a while and I'm just starting to miss her.

But the main purpose is I need to find out where Nathan is and soon!

Not just because we have a gig... I'm not greedy like that... I just want to know he's safe!

I'm missing my baby.

So I turned back over and turned on my phone to see if I could get a hold of Nathan.

I didn't even hear it ring.. right away it went to voice mail.

And quite frankly... that scares the living daylights out of me!

Now I'm really worried!

I defently can't fall back asleep now!

Cause now I'm thinking there's something wrong with Nathan.

I stay calm on the outside though...because I don't want anyone else to worry.

I will just keep repeating Siva's words in my head... 'If he did it once... he can do it again.'

And with that... I stayed as calm as I possibly could.. and it worked for the most part.

Considering I look like my sleepy self as usual.

After the call went to voice mail... I just hung up I didn't want to sound worried.

I looked at the clock and it said 8 am!

I was never up this early!

But I might as well stay up now..

I got up out of bed quietly as I could because I didn't want to wake up the other lads.

I tip toed my way towards the kitchen and I found Siva there making some tea.

"Hey lad."

I said as I was taking a seat.

Then Siva returned my hello with a smile.

Then he headed towards his jacket and grabbed his car keys out of his jacket.

"Hey I will be back soon... don't worry about it."

He said and I was starting to panic... we have a gig in a day!

And now were losing another member?!?!?!?!?!

Why do we keep disapperaing?

And now the main question in my mind... who's next?

"You too? You can't leave!"

"Don't worry... I will be back soon I promise."

And with that the door shut behind him.

Leaving me just standing there alone speechless and worried as worried a lad could get!

I decided to wake up the other lads and go after Siva.

Because maybe where he's heading... that will lead us to Nathan!

Whatever this is serious!

I ran into the boys room and screamed my lungs off.


"Tom we don't care about your hair right now.! Go back to sleep!" I could hear Jay mumbeling and yelling.

Max sprouted right up.

"Tom Tom. Your not being a good boy now are ya.?"

Max said in his good boy voice while reaching for my ear.

"Guys... this is serious."

"What is it?"

They both said simultaneously.

"Siva's gone. We need to go after him!"

They both had shocked looks on their faces and jumped right out of there beds.

"Were going after him."

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