When Impressions Fail by Karmitara
When Impressions Failby Kay Lawson
Sequel to Five Times Peter Impresses the Avengers A secret revealed, An enhanced teen sneaking out, A mistake that would cost not only him, but the team Now a face from...
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  • captainamerica
  • steverogers
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Her Peculiar Brain, Dear by kura_skymning
Her Peculiar Brain, Dearby Nora🌸™
Just a book in which I share my opinions, my ideas and dreams and where you have the chance to get to know me better. I swear this will be fun! Multilanguage included...
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Healing Love by sofi_emoji
Healing Loveby sofi_emoji
Abigail is a recently christian .......well she has been for 5 years and she's always a happy girl. Most of the time she is super shy, but those who know her the most al...
  • god
  • christianity
  • self
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➸︎ ᴋᴏɴᴇᴋᴏ ʙᴀʀᴋꜱ █︎ Randoms by Mirajane_And_Juvia
➸︎ ᴋᴏɴᴇᴋᴏ ʙᴀʀᴋꜱ █︎ Randomsby ➸︎ L̵̨͒͛́ͅi̶̞͍͈̠̾̈g̸̝̠̗̦̈́͝͝h̸...
Author's This will includes Tags, Facts about Me, My Stories, Impressions, Reactions and things. (┛❍ᴥ❍)┛彡┻━┻
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Wrong Impressions  by H19990103
Wrong Impressions by H19990103
Sequel of "First Impressions" I strongly recommend to read the first part before reading this. It's been one year since Sonic disappeared. During this y...
  • tailsthefox
  • impressions
  • knucklestheechidna
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[Journal] by _Anisse_
[Journal]by Anisse
Ranting. Seventeen.
  • abc
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First Impressions by anushkaawrites
First Impressionsby Anushkaa Parwade
Highest Ranking- #45 in Chicklit When they meet it's hate at first sight. Elizabeth and William think they are polar opposites but the truth is quite different. Elizabet...
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  • mrdarcy
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Alan Rickman | Short Impression by Vness_Josy
Alan Rickman | Short Impressionby Josy Chandler
Alan Rickman. Ein fantastischer, unglaublicher und wundervoller Schauspieler.
  • rickman
  • impression
  • snape
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Copyright Quotes by brownquill
Copyright Quotesby Brownquill Wordspace
Kumpulan quotes yang saya buat sendiri. Ditujukan untuk dokumentasi, syukur jika menginspirasi apa lagi memotivasi. © Copyright Quotes Project
  • life
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Captain Feathersword's Wattpad Diary by Captain_Feathersword
Captain Feathersword's Wattpad Captain_Feathersword
Writing my Wattpad Impressions here
  • impressions
  • captain-feathersword
  • my-diary
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Your First impressions on BTS!  by Taekookim
Your First impressions on BTS! by Unknown xD
Comment your first impressions on BTS here! Individual please! Every chapter has a name ^O^ And also, highest rank I've got: #156 IN NON-FICTION! Omfg! Thanks Armies!
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DREAMS and DELUSIONS by sincere_fabulist
DREAMS and DELUSIONSby sincere_fabulist
When we are asleep we get stuck up in dreams and when we are awake we get stuck up in delusions.
  • impressions
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My First Impression Of The Sakamaki and  Mukami Brothers^^ by _Komori-Yui_
My First Impression Of The Yui_Komori_
These are just my first impressions of the brothers. I'll probably get backlash for my opinions. I'll be 100% honest with the description
  • diaboliklovers
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  • honest
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Warrior by princessdiazcampos
Warriorby princessdiazcampos
Growing up with mental health issues is a struggle depending on how bad it can be or what type of illness it is. I was always known as the trouble maker but people need...
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