I couldn't love Ryan anymore than I have!

That night we went to the concert, I would have to say, was one of the best days of my life!

The best part was, I ended up meeting Nathan Sykes. I couldn't believe it! The Nathan Sykes!

I was oddly surprised to see him.

Out of all the fans he must have seen in the crowd, he noticed me. ME!?!

I wonder if he noticed Ryan, whose arms were wrapped around me.

The weirdest part of all was how come he gave me his number.

I mean, its not everyday that a member of The Wanted gives your their phone number.

I got a phone call and a voicemail a few days ago saying it was Nathan.

He must be joking with me.

After all Nathan is a jokey kind of guy I was just hurt by that he would joke with me by that.

He must have not read my shirt that night.

I was heading over to go meet Ryan at his house.


I heard at the door, maybe instead Ryan was going to meet me here instead.

"Ryan is that you?"

I hollered while heading my way toward the door.

"Ryan what are you doin-"

I was completely speechless.

It wasn't Ryan standing in front of me.

It was those brown eyes I loved and remembered from a few weeks ago.


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