Sad Love Story by imyoursandyouremine
Sad Love Storyby imyoursandyouremine
A compilation of poems. A Poem Story. Hope you'll enjoy! :) Your votes and comments will be highly appreciated. Thank you :)
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Short Pleasurable Sex Stories by purplekitty21
Short Pleasurable Sex Storiesby Purplekitty21
You'll get really horny! Juuuuuust sayin!!!!! Enjoy its amazing!!!! Hey guys its 2018 and i just started writing again. Read part 2 and anything that comes after!!! Im m...
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Change (Akakuro) by angelfromthesky1
Change (Akakuro)by angelfromthesky1
Kuroko had been in a coma for 10 years now. Now that he has woken up he notice the change while he had been asleep for a long time.
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Breaking up? (Kyoya Tategami x reader) by denise_630
Breaking up? (Kyoya Tategami x denise_630
-It is easier to be all alone. -Am I that bad? -...I am alone, far away from them and their pain....the pain I caused them. -.....Don't leave......Don't
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Shivika OS : Then Came You by lazyakabookworm
Shivika OS : Then Came Youby book.worm
Anika has vowed that she would never have a family of her own before she finds her missing sister. But now, she has to choose between her vow or having a family with the...
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Your Love Is All I Have... by alinarose64
Your Love Is All I alinarose64
Hahahahaha you fools i suck a descriptions so kill me!!!
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I'm Glad You Came (Underfell!Sans X Reader) by WatashiWaNatsumiDesu
I'm Glad You Came (Underfell! H.M. Kay
This is a rewrite of my first successful undertale/underfell fan fiction. Yes, I know I have another story that's says it's rewritten but that's actually a sequel. I was...
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Rosetta Mission by AshhadMurtaza
Rosetta Missionby OutOfTheAshes
This is a real story, a story about landing on a star. Mankind finally got a hold of a comet. This story is narrated by Philae, a robot that has made phenomenal discover...
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A Stranger's School by Sword_fighter_Ravenx
A Stranger's Schoolby Sword_fighter_Ravenx
Juliette has just started at a new school, she is not looking forward to it - as specially when she discovers something is very wrong with the students and staff there...
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G-Bytes  (DRAFT) by Rianna_Afton
G-Bytes (DRAFT)by Don't let you memes be dreams
*Loading...* *Loading...* * L o a d i n g . . . * *Corrupted timeline loaded*
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