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Best Friends? I Harvey Mills by alexandrawritess
Best Friends? I Harvey Millsby Alexandra❤️
Lana has been best friends with her next store neighbors, Max and Harvey Mills, since they were infants. They did everything together: they went to the same school, live...
  • maxluca
  • mah
  • bestfriends
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Realize (PUBLISHED) by fallenbabybubu
Realize (PUBLISHED)by Louisse
They live on the same floor. They attend the same luxurious school. They have the same friends. They couldn't stand each other. And just when she thought she could get a...
  • friendship
  • realize
  • todd
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Why do I love a mad man (max x reader lemon) by halesjay
Why do I love a mad man (max x rea...by halesjay
You are new to Camp Campbell. You sign up for dance camp. You meet max and the others at camp. You go on amazing trips with the "Comedy Trio". (The campers ar...
  • campcamp
  • çç
  • max
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Adventures of Six Dogs by PaperCloset
Adventures of Six Dogsby Ben
Otto, Molly, Jack, Lady, Max, and Lucy are all lost in the woods. They set out on a quest to reunite with their families.
  • forest
  • quest
  • woods
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One Shots♥ by TheWANTED12
One Shots♥by TheWANTED12
ONE SHOTS ON REQUEST... DROP ME A MESSAGE IF YOUD LIKE ONE! heres where ill upload all if your one shots! ask if you would like one followed by; name age who with brief...
  • fanfiction
  • thewanted
  • jay
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Casualidad de amor by keshv12
Casualidad de amorby keshv12
t/n una chica hermosa y muy famosa conoce a max en new york gracias a que se chocan pero desde ahi no lo volvio a ver hasta que se fue a vivir a santiago con su hermano...
  • valenzuela
  • loren
  • max
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500 Days. by LookingForJaybird
500 Days.by LookingForJaybird
  • 500
  • kaneswaran
  • jay
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One Night Changed It All... *Nathan Sykes Love Story* by LaurenDury
One Night Changed It All... *Natha...by ℓσzzιє мcgυιηєѕѕ/кαηєѕωαяαη
She only wanted one night of fun. But now, she's stuck with Nathan Sykes' baby. He doesn't know, but he's gonna find out... And when he does... His career is ruined... R...
  • jay
  • prgnant
  • lost
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My Gingersnap (mithross fanfic) by 17Mysticblack18
My Gingersnap (mithross fanfic)by Maggie and Grace
What if Max and Ross didn't meet on Runescape? What is when they first met each other they hated the others guts? what if Shelby and max were together? What if Max and...
  • ross
  • max
  • mitrossfanfic
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Destruction  by abby2510200
Destruction by abby2510200
Rylan Williams was 13 when she was sent to juvie. She left her family and friends behind without so much as a goodbye and lived in a isolation cell in one of the worlds...
  • bad
  • max
  • jail
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When Everything Is Wrong (AU Larry Stylinson) by DownWithThisShip
When Everything Is Wrong (AU Larry...by DownWithThisShip
Louis Tomlinson was witness to a serious crime. He managed to escape confinement and has been on the run from the law ever since. He swore to never let the law get hold...
  • wrong
  • stylinson
  • everything
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Safe in your arms|| L.T. by Killem_calum
Safe in your arms|| L.T.by Killem_calum
"I only feel safe in you arms" i whispered to louis. "You'll only be safe in my arms," he whispered back A/N major fucking editing!!
  • max
  • virginia
  • louis
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Tear Stained Glass (A Nathan Sykes Fanfic) by TWantedFanmily
Tear Stained Glass (A Nathan Sykes...by TWantedFanmily
This a new story of mine and I hope you like it. Emily is the sister of world known pop band member Jay McGuiness. Emily lives a horrible life, constantly beaten by her...
  • thewanted
  • wanted
  • max
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Let's Be Cliché by SecretCookieNinja
Let's Be Clichéby Abby Venice
Meet Maxine Evers: your typical seventeen year old highschooler living in typical old Desert Town and doing typical teenage things (eating, sleeping,reading etc.). She h...
  • max
  • evan
  • disneyrefs
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Glad You Came (The Wanted) by BeccaDandJordanG
Glad You Came (The Wanted)by Becca and Jordan
Five best friends, five band members, and a wedding.
  • kaneswaran
  • george
  • nathan
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Jury Duty by anakaliah
Jury Dutyby anakalia
Julia King is barely surviving the jungle that is New York City, working a job that she hates while struggling through school at NYU, so she is not at all overjoyed when...
  • boy
  • king
  • frat
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