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Ocean Eyes - Countryhumans (Mostly RusAme)  by randomdudyv
Ocean Eyes - Countryhumans ( random dud/yv
America and his brothers were homeschooled for 14 years. Some got enrolled but but they didn't know what the would expect from big changes in their lives. America goes t...
  • americaxrussia
  • america
  • ships
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World Academy Experience (Hetalia x Reader) by OsaLotte
World Academy Experience ( Osa Lotte
"This school takes a select few students from many different countries of our world. They pick out which ones might be suitable. Ones that can make friends, that ca...
  • readerinsert
  • norway
  • italy
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The States! by Kcrocks1987
The States!by Kari Camp
When America gets a call during a meeting and looks a little worried ,others wonder just wonder why, and when Someone comes running in the meeting doors with 2 small chi...
  • ooc
  • hetalia
  • stateocs
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Marvel Smut OneShots by thoughtsthatranaway
Marvel Smut OneShotsby thoughtsthatranaway
⚠️Sexual Content⚠️ Marvel Smut oneshots with all your favorite characters. Will include: Loki. ✅ Bucky.✅ Doctor Strange.✅ Hawkeye.✅ Spider Man.✅ Tony Stark.✅ King Ta'Cha...
  • tachalla
  • strange
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Donald Trump X Dora the Explorer | ✔️ by amberiscool333
Donald Trump X Dora the Explorer | ♡Raven♡
Still a better love story than Twilight. [Their ship name is Dorump] [65 chapters] [A lot of mature content] WEIRDNESS AHEAD.
  • stupid
  • funny
  • doratheexplorer
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Ek Eleska Ykkr by RandomIntrovert6
Ek Eleska Ykkrby Random Introvert
Canada and America have gone by many human names as well as nation names. Matthew, Alfred; Kanata, Maska. New France, Colonies. But, they had names far before those. One...
  • canada
  • aph
  • sweden
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The Inauguration by HighlighterGreen
The Inaugurationby HighlighterGreen
Trump's just been elected President of the USA. So many plans, and only four years to do it. He knows Obama isn't happy with the results, so why does he look so smug at...
  • trump
  • hetalia
  • 2017
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With The Enemy by Voutos
With The Enemyby Voutos
That day's meeting was odd, America thought. But he couldn't place why until it was nearing conclusion. Once he did figure it out, he couldn't help wondering why he care...
  • hetalia
  • aphamerica
  • romance
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Facades [Hetalia AU] by spice-islands
Facades [Hetalia AU]by nesia
Behind the perfectly crafted mask, the stupid idiotic person everyone sees is a illusion to blind them from seeing his dark and destructive truths. Watch as the genius m...
  • aph
  • alfred
  • feelings
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The Sex Selection Academy[maxerica] by kassmrose
The Sex Selection Academy[maxerica]by Kass Marielle Rose
[A Selection Fanfic Novel]: Mature Content; Read at Your own Demise;) • The SSA: The Sex Selection Academy- an Academy who's sole purpose is to train girls to seduce Max...
  • ssa
  • maxon
  • selectionfanfic
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