Grell's little sister  by RandomPerson_1
Grell's little sister by RandomPerson_1
**i don't own any of the pictures in this story and I don't own Black Butler or any of its characters. I don't really know how to describe this so eh also i only own Yuk...
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  • aloistrancy
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Emiri  by YukinaSama
Emiri by YukinaSama
  • elf
  • lovestory
  • elves
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Letnie wiatry namiętności - Swansea Edition by 12kwinto
Letnie wiatry namiętności - Swanse...by SeptemberEnds
Nasze "Ugly lovely town" - znane także pod jakże wdzięczną nazwą Swansea oszalało na punkcie nadchodzących zmian. Nadchodzące wydarzenie na Liberty Stadium wda...
  • homoseksualizm
  • gay
  • komedia
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The Finnsburg Encounter by MatthewDickerson
The Finnsburg Encounterby Matthew T. Dickerson
The tale here set forth of Finn and Hildeburh grew out of a small portion of the Old English heroic poem Beowulf. After Beowulf's victory over the monster Grendel, the h...
  • feast
  • king
  • europeanhistory
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One O Five East - A Cherry and Daddy Adventure by WrexNfx
One O Five East - A Cherry and Dad...by MICHAEL J. LEBOWITZ
Grand Central Terminal in New York City is the scene where Cherry and Daddy will face off against existential threats to all of humanity. The root of the problem began...
  • hermes
  • spears
  • rats
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Savage Land by jaywalker92
Savage Landby jaywalker92
Alone at an unknown places. A land of magic and mystic. Surviving each day is how you live each day. Watches how one man battle all odd to live.
  • survival
  • fairies
  • forest
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Daughter Of A Blacksmith  by Njoki1997
Daughter Of A Blacksmith by Njoki1997
There's a threat in Hadara lands, the land of men. Beasts are raging an attack on humans and they have to be prepared for it. What happens when a woman is so persistent...
  • war
  • warriors
  • spears
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