Final Fantasy One Shots [CLOSED] by Gay_Senpai
Final Fantasy One Shots [CLOSED]by Senpai 😏
Welcome to 2019, here are some changes that I have decided to make and notes to address. Please read this before deciding to make any type of request if they are open. [...
  • fantasy
  • zack
  • gladio
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Forever for Rose  by Shelby_Painter
Forever for Rose by Shelby V Painter
When blood is involved, no one is safe. Book #3 in the Rachel Series
  • rosesforrachel
  • love
  • vampireromance
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TWDG S4 MEMES by LxneWalker
TWDG S4 MEMESby LoήeͥWaͣlͫkeℝ
Because this totally hasn't been done before.
  • louis
  • clementinetwdg
  • marlon
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Not Like The Movies ||Justin Bieber|| by CryBabyLexx
Not Like The Movies ||Justin ✰ lex ✰
#317 in fanfiction 1/31/2018 Imagine if your best friend was pop sensation Justin Bieber, you two grew up together, shared wonderful memories, and even developed feeling...
  • katie
  • lovestory
  • final
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A Matter Of Time by tall_girl
A Matter Of Timeby Melissa
Carl Sinclair is living the American dream: he has a run-down apartment on the wrong side of the city, his pay as a radio host is criminal to say the least, and he’s hom...
  • inevitable
  • america
  • temptation
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All We Could Have Been by madisueb
All We Could Have Beenby ✨Madi✨
"What are you talking about?!" "I... I was in love with you! And you didn't love me back! And it's like I'm ready to move on, but your doing to build me...
  • shiro
  • cosmo
  • klance
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La Hora Final by 1454mt
La Hora Finalby 1454mt
Su destino fue encontrarse, su elección separarse y su misión no amarse. ¿Que harías si una cruel jugada del destino hizo que te encontrarás con el amor de tu vida, pero...
  • luna
  • valerie
  • fin
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The bad boy wants to protect me? by helendusty
The bad boy wants to protect me?by helendusty
He looked over at me with a hard look, probably pissed at the fact I had seen him so weak. But I didn't see him as weak right now, it feels like I know him now, the real...
  • thisisit
  • badboy
  • badgirl
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Kingdom Hearts {Reader Insert} by Etay1010
Kingdom Hearts {Reader Insert}by Erica
This story is from your point of view, being close friends with Sora, Riku, and Kairi. It starts from the beginning of Kingdom Hearts I and should end at the end of Kin...
  • finalfantasy
  • cloud
  • insert
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Streets and Streets IV by LiterallyyLee
Streets and Streets IVby LiterallyyNyLee
SS IV starts with a bang. Emerald and Sloan's little family is in jeopardy when one too many people get to close to them. Will they make it to a wedding? What about baby...
  • fightforlove
  • graphic
  • breakthrough
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MOLETOM (+18) by diegoleao10
MOLETOM (+18)by Diego Leão
Notas do autor. Senti a necessidade de depois de três anos, acrescentar essa parte do livro, pelo simples motivo de explicar exatamente isso: O livro começou a ser escri...
  • paixao
  • romancegay
  • final
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Deathly Symmetrical by KooriAkuma
Deathly Symmetricalby KooriAkuma
Death the Kid has finally met his match, without her even trying to be symmetrical.
  • fanfiction
  • comdey
  • fantasy
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Minecraft/Dark_Gamer25 Character ask blog by IcaneC
Minecraft/Dark_Gamer25 Character IcaneC
Ok, so my friend and I are putting up an ask blog! My friend is drawing the art, I'm making sure it stays kid friendly! we'll be doing characters from both my MC creepyp...
  • ask
  • herobrine
  • askblog
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Serenity by PricetagOfficial
Serenityby Batgirl
This is a Reader-insert and it's my first one! Hope it goes well. All of the worlds fell to darkness. Over a thousand years they have been this way, waiting for the anc...
  • terra
  • kingdom
  • aqua
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Noctis x Reader The Prince and the Knight by Kanily
Noctis x Reader The Prince and Kanily
You, (f/n), are the deadliest killer in Niflheim and is under the king's control as a weapon. You're not loved, no friends or family. You are truly alone of being the st...
  • noctis
  • ff15
  • final
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You Are My Kingdom Hearts ➳ Axel by elvhenwildflower
You Are My Kingdom Hearts ➳ Axelby Mikayla♚
Jai Arrons lived in Radiant Gardens with Leon, and she had for a long time now. But when Radiant Gardens is destroyed and turned into Hollow Bastion, Jai has to try to w...
  • love
  • family
  • cloud
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~ Fallen Angel | FFXV ~ by andyx3xo
~ Fallen Angel | FFXV ~by Andrea 💜💜
(Strongly suggest reading book 1: ~Jewel of Lucis~) After a devastating attempt on her life, Princess Avalyse Araminta Lucis Caelum is confined to the Citadel for the m...
  • finalfantasy
  • regis
  • ffxv
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|Final Fantasy XV x Reader| Oneshots  by CallofWhiteFang
|Final Fantasy XV x Reader| CallofWhiteFang
There's really no need to explain this. It's a book of oneshots that I will write. I love this game I love prompto I want to marry him he's mine.
  • ffxv
  • love
  • fantasy
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Star Trek Imagines by PurpleTrekkie
Star Trek Imaginesby Khan
Used to be boyfriend scenarios book. I turned it into an imagines book.
  • trek
  • sulu
  • jameskirk
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