Forever for Rose  by Shelby_Painter
Forever for Rose by Shelby V Painter
When blood is involved, no one is safe. Book #3 in the Rachel Series
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Not Like The Movies ||Justin Bieber|| by CryBabyLexx
Not Like The Movies ||Justin ✰ lex ✰
#317 in fanfiction 1/31/2018 Imagine if your best friend was pop sensation Justin Bieber, you two grew up together, shared wonderful memories, and even developed feeling...
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Arresting Temptation 4 (All's Fair In Love and War) by RoseMarieBWWM
Arresting Temptation 4 (All's Rose Marie
Have you ever been used and loved it? Freely gave yourself someone who wasn't yours but didn't care because the time with them though limited is the highlight of your da...
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TWDG S4 MEMES by LxneWalker
TWDG S4 MEMESby LoήeͥWaͣlͫkeℝ
Because this totally hasn't been done before.
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A Matter Of Time by tall_girl
A Matter Of Timeby Melissa
Carl Sinclair is living the American dream: he has a run-down apartment on the wrong side of the city, his pay as a radio host is criminal to say the least, and he’s hom...
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~ Fallen Angel | FFXV ~ by andyx3xo
~ Fallen Angel | FFXV ~by Andrea 💜💜
(Strongly suggest reading book 1: ~Jewel of Lucis~) After a devastating attempt on her life, Princess Avalyse Araminta Lucis Caelum is confined to the Citadel for the m...
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The bad boy wants to protect me? by helendusty
The bad boy wants to protect me?by helendusty
He looked over at me with a hard look, probably pissed at the fact I had seen him so weak. But I didn't see him as weak right now, it feels like I know him now, the real...
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The New Age by Moon_mond_luna_lune
The New Ageby Wild Child
The second installment in The Last series. Ela has finally made it out alive of TILAE is now has to adapt to a new world full of unique challenges and struggles. Meanwh...
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You and I (BoyxBoy) by Thebloodygrimmreaper
You and I (BoyxBoy)by Ash
Orion Stewards is a troubled kid, his parents are always at each other's throats, everyone avoids him in school for no apparent reason, and his "friend" is les...
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Book One, Fairy Tail - Outcome by DynamicAmbitions
Book One, Fairy Tail - Outcomeby Muffin
My name is Zeref Dragneel. I'm your brother. Natsu. My beloved brother, has finally understood. He will finally kill me. Thank you, Layla, Anna, Mavis...Natsu. Ze...
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Room 81 by D3athT0Panda5
Room 81by Phoebe
The Final(?) book in the Room 69 trilogy. After Lisanna's accident, and the admittance of both Natsu and Lucy's lingering feelings, how will things fare for them?
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Streets and Streets IV by LiterallyyLee
Streets and Streets IVby LiterallyyNyLee
SS IV starts with a bang. Emerald and Sloan's little family is in jeopardy when one too many people get to close to them. Will they make it to a wedding? What about baby...
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Tweak (A Miraculous Replay) by MarichatLyfe
Tweak (A Miraculous Replay)by MarichatLyfe
When Chat dies in the final battle against Hawk Moth, Ladybug uses the ultimate power to go back in time to save Chat. But when she wakes up on the first day of Junior H...
  • noir
  • tweak
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Kingdom Hearts {Reader Insert} by Etay1010
Kingdom Hearts {Reader Insert}by Erica
This story is from your point of view, being close friends with Sora, Riku, and Kairi. It starts from the beginning of Kingdom Hearts I and should end at the end of Kin...
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When I Love him by Aerial1261
When I Love himby Aerial
Oh Sehun>>"အ​ေႏွာင္​တြယ္​​ေတ မႀကိဳက္​ပါဘူးဆိုမွ ဘာ​ေတ ​ေလ်ွာက္​လုပ္​​ေနတာလည္​း ​ေမ​ေမရယ္​" Kim Jongin>>"Kim Jongin ဆိုတာ ကိုယ္​့ကို အ​ေရးမလုပ္...
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Alphabetical Death(REVISING) by JajaxJMA
Alphabetical Death(REVISING)by JMA
A,B,C,D,E,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y And Zena. Alphabet of Death yung dati nyang name but i change kasi may ka title. /troll
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Star Trek Imagines by PurpleTrekkie
Star Trek Imaginesby Khan
Used to be boyfriend scenarios book. I turned it into an imagines book.
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Genderbender One Shots by coolkat122
Genderbender One Shotsby Seven
Just a bunch of Genderbender Oneshots
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FFXV Oneshots [COMPLETED] by TheMischiefWithin
FFXV Oneshots [COMPLETED]by Morgan
Unofficially closed - I no longer have time, I'm sorry! All copyright to Square Enix and original owners/creators. I do not own the media in this book. All rights to ori...
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Final Fantasy~★ by welpscrewlife
Final Fantasy~★by Welpscrewlife~★
Just stuff about FF and if you like it then I LOVE YOU and if you don't then fair enough. Tbh ima just post random shit on here maybe some one shots here and there and...
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