I hopped into the driver's seat as fast as I could.

With Jay and Max right by my side.

We were worried.

And scared for our mates, we need to make sure that there okay and that everything is safe!

Martin and Jayne might not agree but we will be back soon as we can once we know everythings fine.

I pulled out of my driveway and started following Siva's car.

Which isn't that hard to find since its bright blue.

That's his favorite color.

We needed something to lighten up the mood a little bit. 

I looked beside me and Max gave me that same look.

Then he started playing with my ear.

"You thinking the same thing as me mate?"

"Yes I am! And for that your such a good boy!"

He said in his good boy voice.

Then Jay interrupted.

"Hey! What about me?"

"Aw we can't forget about our bird! Your a very very good boy too!"

Then Max played with his ear.

"Ah respect restored!"

Jay cheered.

Then Max put in our album and we could hear the violens starting to play.

That can only mean one thing.... All Time Low.

We started dancing goofy like were having our own little dance party in a car and with only 3 people.

The people driving by us were giving us strange looks some were even honking.

If only at this time I was wearing my 'You Can't Arrest Me, I'm a Rockstar' shirt at the moment.

Because people can judge me all they want...

But I'm a rockstar I don't care!

Then our drive wasn't very long after that... Siva pulled into a hospital.

A hospital?

Is Nathan hurt?

We hopped out right away.

We need to make sure everythings okay with baby Nath!

But then Nathan got out of the car... and grabbed a girl in the backseat?

Then he started darting with Siva right behind him.

Then we headed into the cafe so they wouldn't know we were here.

Later when it was just Siva and Nathan... they showed up and they saw us right away.

They had some explaining to do!

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