I was alone.

I was alone in the same room with the girl that I love! 

She was in here because of me.

I kept saying that in my head.

If I never kissed her.

If I never showed up at her house.

Hell with it, if I never laid eyes on her at that concert.

None of this would have happened! 

None of it!

But is it fate?

Or am I just going crazy?

But if I didn't lay eyes on her at that concert...what would have happened?

Would the outcome be good?

Or would it be bad?

Should I be blaming myself at all?

Or was this all meant to be?

If I keep asking these questions I think I'm going to go crazy!

Maybe I need help.

I don't know!

All I know is I really care about this girl!

And I want to be with her...her and only her!

I will do whatever it takes!

To see her beautiful eyes on her beautiful face open.

I kept crying.


I never wanted the others to see me like this.

But with Drew... it was capable!

I had to sing to her.

I felt like that was the only way I could communicate with her.

I knew just the song too!

"We could stand so tall together. We can make it through the stormy weather. We can go through walls together. Do it all together, do it all! I'll be your strength. I will, I will, I-"

Then I couldn't handle it anymore!

My eyes connected with her figure again and my emotional state just couldn't handle it.

I broke down again on the cold hospital floor.

For the fifth time I think.

I couldn't help myself!

I just felt to guilty that this girl was here...because of me!

I knew I was going to hate myself for it!

Then I felt arms around me once again. 

It was Jay.

He was always there when I needed him! 

That's why I love my bird!

"Sh. It's okay Nathan. Everything is going to be alright."

I kept crying but this time into Jay's shoulder.

Then I heard something out of the blue.

A female voice.

A faint, weak female voice.

I thought it was just my imagination.

Then I whipped my head around to see if it was true.

It wasn't.

Because once I turned my head around, I saw Drew.

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