Judd Birch x reader  by lamedorksenpai
Judd Birch x reader by Dorky Dad
Y/N is Nick Birch's tutor for Geometry (cuz everyone hates math ?) so one day you went to the Birch household, only knowing Nick's and Leah's existences. Nick decides ru...
  • love
  • fanfiction
  • nick
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Ciara Charming || A Jay Love Story by rosie022201
Ciara Charming || A Jay Love Storyby Erynn
My name's Ciara Charming, twin sister of Chad. When we were born, I was chosen to be the future King Ben's Royal Advisor. Since that day, I've been put through extra cla...
  • carlos
  • chad
  • evie
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Daughter of a Pan by DJPiper
Daughter of a Panby Rosario
Piper Pan, the most troublesome kid at Auradon prep. Get's in trouble 24/7 but always have 2 trustworthy and loyal friends. Prince Ben, son of Queen Belle and King Beast...
  • princeben
  • fairygodmother
  • peterpan
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crazy || h. hook by ariescherries
crazy || h. hookby ╰☆╮amy grace╰☆╮
❝so what if I'm fucking crazy? yeah, i'm gonna show you❞ the wicked will rise [HARRY HOOK, DESCENDANTS 2] [BOOK ONE IN THE CRAZY SERIES] ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO DISNEY AN...
  • descendants
  • hookmedaddy
  • madelainepetsch
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The Princess And The Theif 》descendants {jay} by fvndoms-
The Princess And The Theif 》descen...by a n n i e
"You're a princess! He's a villain! You would make your father ashamed of you for loving something off the isle of the lost" A/N I was watching descendents...
  • disneymovies
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  • booboostewart
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MJ Frost 》Descendants 2 by lovethebreeze
MJ Frost 》Descendants 2by lovethebreeze
Mal promised to come back for her. She promised to come back for her best friend, but she abandoned her. People change. She changed. Is it for better or for worst? MJ ha...
  • jay
  • gil
  • uma
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Descendants Imagines by wckdobrien
Descendants Imaginesby j
A collection of imagines of characters from Descendants! Mostly Harry Hook! completed :) sowwy <3
  • harryhooksmut
  • uma
  • ben
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Elicia's ice-A Descendants Novel by KOTLCfannumber1
Elicia's ice-A Descendants Novelby Inconceivable!
All Elicia, daughter of Queen Elsa, ever wanted was to fit in and make friends at Auradon prep. But when the four kids from the Isle of the Lost show up, and her powers...
  • elsa
  • jay
  • elicia
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The Curse by Its_Princess_for_you
The Curseby Elliet Grace
Six months have passed after the Cotillion and an year after Ben's coronation. At the family day everything went perfect untill someone familiar crashes the party and cu...
  • disney
  • doug
  • carlos
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Descendants Back In Time (Watching The Movies) by IsleCore4
Descendants Back In Time (Watching...by IsleCore4
The aftermath of Family Day leaves someone upset. Who? The AK's have no clue. Join Auradon kids Ben, Doug, Chad, Audrey, Jane, and Lonnie, as well as Fairy Godmother, Be...
  • mal
  • devie
  • jay
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The Thief Princess by CydneyFlores
The Thief Princessby CydneyFlores
~~The hidden daughter of the King of Thieves comes to Auradon as a 'new student'. After being there for a while, the new villain kids arrive and one catches her wicked e...
  • readerxcharacter
  • descendants
  • lovestory
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Forced Away by kayla_gummy_bear
Forced Awayby kayla_gummy_bear
What if Jay still refused to reunite with the ninja after the death of Zane? Still suffering with the heartbreak of Nya choosing Cole and Zane's death, Jay decides to ne...
  • garmadon
  • skylor
  • jay
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Forget Me Not ⋆ [ Prince Ben #1] by usernamemingmei
Forget Me Not ⋆ [ Prince Ben #1]by ᵐⁱⁿᵍᵐᵉⁱ
⋆ Descendants [ Prince Ben ]⋆ Book #1 in the Descendants Series ⋆ ❝I can't live in dreams if my dreams are to come true❞ [Highest Rank] #1 in Beautyandthebeast #1 in P...
  • hero
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❝i was born to flex, diamonds in my neck. . .❞ a ybn nahmir fanfiction. © 2018-2019 | NEWGUCCI
  • ybnglizzy
  • youtube
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The Future Lady of the Underworld  by MsMarvelPotter
The Future Lady of the Underworld by Demi
'She's been through more Hell then you'll ever know. But that's what gives her edge... You can't touch a woman who can wear pain like the grandest of diamonds around her...
  • evilqueen
  • maleficent
  • disney
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🚨Big Mouth's Big Book of SMUT🚨 by SmutSuperStar
🚨Big Mouth's Big Book of SMUT🚨by 🚨The Smut King 🚨
Comment requests with full detail of what positions, how intense, who's Dom who's sub?, make sure you comment everything important! Also yes this is a smut book, seriou...
  • missy
  • jay
  • gay
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Halloween Love: A Judd Birch Fanfiction by thatsomerlyn
Halloween Love: A Judd Birch Fanfi...by shaolin fantastic
What happens at the Birch's house party, stays at the Birch's house party. Or: one bottle of Jack, two vegetarian pizzas, and a frankly disturbing amount of horror movie...
  • romance
  • party
  • lovestory
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The Daughter of Fire and Ice by Ellzthegirlonfire
The Daughter of Fire and Iceby Elise Faith
At 8, I almost killed someone... is it because it's in my blood? Ellie is the daughter of the two most powerful elemental wielders in the world, the daughter of Fire and...
  • evie
  • harryhook
  • elsa
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Sister De Vil (Editing)~ DISNEY DESCENDANTS by alvarezsamy
Sister De Vil (Editing)~ DISNEY DE...by Samy O Alvarez
Meet Carol. Carlos little sister. When she, her friends, and brother go to Auradon, what secrets will she unlock? *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* 48 Chapters. Just in case it te...
  • chad
  • jafar
  • carlosdevil
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Bad ▷ c. de Vil ▹ book 1 by SalemKatherine
Bad ▷ c. de Vil ▹ book 1by UNORIGINAL GIRL🌹
"Ben, your bringing Uma's sister?" Mal sighed "Your making a mistake" "Mal, give them a second chance" Will soon make a nice, better, impro...
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