"Five minutes guys! You have five minutes!'

That's what happens usually before a concert.

No matter where were performing, our stage manager, Jeff can get a little....enthusiastic about this stuff.

We were at the corner of the stage getting pumped for this gig.

We all made a big circle and started praying.

We needed to make sure nothing would go wrong.

This was make it or break it.

"Alright guys your on!"

We all gave each other a final glare said good luck and ran off onto the stage.

"How you guys doing tonight?" Max was saying into the mic.

The crowd was going crazy!

Then all of a sudden, the music for 'Glad You Came' started playing.

Then Max started singing.

Then I took another glare at the crowd before I started my part my little 'solo' I call it. 

I saw her.

She had brown hair, and brown caramel eyes. For some reason, I just couldn't take my eyes off of her!

Best of all, she was wearing a 'I love Nathan' tee shirt.

Was she the 'down to earth' girl I've been looking for?

I don't know.

But I've got to find out!

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