It has been weeks since we found out that we were going to be on tour.

Now finally, tomorrow we will be hopping on a plane and heading off to our first stop.

L.A. (Los Angeles)

I can say for all of us! That we've been working our butts off.

That's an accomplishment!

We were all at the house for one final time before we head off on the bus which will be like our home for the next couple months.

"Hey Nath! Are you almost done packing there lad?" I could hear Tom hollering at me.

He's always been known as the 'loud one' out of the group. But we all love him. He's to likable not to like him.

"Um....ya sure I'm all set."

On the inside, I really wasn't. I always procrastinate when it comes to these things. I had a good reason to. I was trying to write songs but I just haven't been having ideas come to my mind like usual.

This isn't really normal.

I wonder why.

I decided to give up now and actually start packing.

But before I do that, I looked at the time. I figured it's time to get packing.

"Well I bet-"



"I'm sorry that was the point! I didn't think you would react like a little girl. I know you Mr. Sykes I know you weren't packed! You ALWAYS are the last to pack."

"You mean procrastinator."

"Yeah......that. So what's it gonna take me for you to get off your ass and start packing?"

"Um.......I guess I kinda have to now don't I?"

"ha boy."

An hour later, Max, Siva, Jay AND Tom were all helping me pack.

Before you knew it. I was all packed.

Then we decided we should probably get some rest. We had an early flight. I hopped onto my bed and started to write songs again.

The next thing I knew, I opened my eyes, and woke up with my notebook still on my lap and my band mates hoovering over me.

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